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Re: [steiner] Averroes & Arabism

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    Not every Western Christian is a channel for the Christ-Impulse, for sure, and not every Muslim is completely closed to it; but zealous anti-Christian
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 19, 2004
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        Not every Western "Christian" is a channel for the Christ-Impulse,
      for sure, and not every Muslim is completely closed to it; but zealous
      anti-Christian Muslims who fully take in the brainwashing of Arabism,
      one could say, worship Satan disguised as Allah. The Sun-Demon Sorath
      (666) uses them as mere pawns. That's what's behind the events of our times.


      lilolemissy@... writes:
      Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer, the latter of /Jihad Watch/, bring very
      much to light regarding the incredible spread of radical Islam within
      the US and Canada. Readers may wish to review http://www.dawanet.com and
      its instructions regarding influencing children in our schools:
      http://www.dawanet.com/methods/default.asp  It seems to me the West is
      dangerously pervaded by these types of fanaticism far more than one
      comprehends on the surface, which is, of course, exactly what
      anti-Christian Muslims work toward!


      ******* I think people like Daniel Pipes should be heard on every radio and TV station and in every newspaper. Same with Dore Gold's book Hatred's Kingdom.

          As moderator, I suppose I am expected to take a very balanced approach to characterizing Islam as evil. I'm sorry but I cannot do so. We anthroposophists know the Christ as an inner reality, as the Incarnation of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World, not just another mere prophet like Moses, which is among the many falsehoods Islam teaches. It also has no understanding of reincarnation and karma, and no spiritual teaching is real which is blind to that. And I have my doubts that the 'prophet" Mohammed was ever a real prophet, as I also have grave reservations about Joseph Smith and many others.

            I strongly suspect that Mohammed merely cobbled together what he heard of the Hebrew scriptures from merchants in passing caravans, mixed with false Gnostic Christianity he heard from others, and grafted these onto traditional Arab beliefs (jinns, etc.) to create a "religion" which was a mere excuse for warfare, to retake Mecca, which is why supposedly only the warrior who dies in battle goes to the highest heaven. In fact, I am quite open to the idea that Islam is the "religion" of the Antichrist, serving the forces of evil against the Christ-Impulse in our time.

         So, if people want a very neutral, balanced statement about the so-called Religion of Peace and its murderous fanatic followers in our time, I guess they'll have to get it elsewhere. Every conflict going on in our world today is being caused by Islam, and I think the Europeans had better take theior heads out of the sand about this before there are big bombings that wake them up, like the train bombing in Spain, or cultural figures assassinated like Van Gogh in Holland. If as a moderator I'm required to be neutral in tone about Islam, I will have to defer to someone else to play that role. ;-)

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