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Etheric Christ

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  • soniaeasley2002
    Wake-up!!! Have we all missed the etheric Christ?
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 17, 2004
      Wake-up!!! Have we all missed the etheric Christ?
    • DoctorStarman@aol.com
      soniaeasley2002@yahoo.com writes: ... ******* I haven t--- and I ve grown to realize that many others haven t either. Steiner predicted spontaneous
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 19, 2004
        soniaeasley2002@... writes:

        Wake-up!!!  Have we all missed the etheric Christ?

        ******* I haven't--- and I've grown to realize that many others haven't either. Steiner predicted spontaneous appearances of the etheric Christ would begin in the 1930s among all sorts of ordinary people. That was the time a man named Bill Wilson and a doctor friend tried to call on Christ to overcome alcohol, and out came the 12 Steps. There are many, many other people who have experienced Christ and are working for the Christ-Impulse in so many ways behind the scenes, so many.

            Seeing in the etheric is not like physical seeing. It may happen in a meditative or a dream state, or as a sudden experience that isn't explicable logically (because it does not follow physical logic)---as when C.S. Lewis took a walk one day, at the start of which he was a skeptic and at the end of which he was a believer. The same thing happened to Antoine de Sant-Exupery, as he wrote in his prose-poem "Flight Over Arras" (except he never called what he experienced the Christ); and to Albert Schweitzer when he looked at a hippo rising out of a river in Africa and saw that the key to a universal morality was Reverence For Life (Budhi).

           He knocks at the door! Listen!

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