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[steiner] Hesse, Gurdjieff, Sufis, etc.

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  • Joseph Proskauer
    Dear friends, I d appreciate any further information on meetings or other interactions between Steiner and other now-recognized figures of his time --
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2004
      Dear friends,
      I'd appreciate any further information on meetings or other interactions between Steiner and other now-recognized figures of his time -- especially spiritual teachers, especially Gurdjieff, and especially contemporary records such as diary entries.  Various stories circulate concerning Steiner and Gurdjieff;  anyone know of any evidence for or against any of them? 
      At the risk of contributing to a preponderance of gossip-over-evidence in such matters, I can offer one story about another teacher's visit to Dornach around 1920.  I found this in an authoritative-seeming book about Sufism in the west (published approx. 15 years ago).  It said that on his travels, a teacher who brought Sufism to the west * visited the (First) Goetheanum, and commented on its form to the following effect:  such a building would not likely be allowed to stand.  I think the passage implied that the reason for this comment was the building's public revealing of sacred forms.  I also think that the implication wasn't that the sanction would necessarily come from earthly sources.  The passage did note that the Goetheanum burned down not long after. 
      * I believe the Sufi teacher was Hazrat Inayat Khan, founder of the Sufi Order in the West.  (This 'Order' seems to have spawned two offspring organizations:  the Sufi Order International, headed until recently by one of Hazrat's sons, the late Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, and now by his grandson,  Pir Zia Inayat Khan;  and the International Sufi movement headed by anther son, composer  Hidayat Inayat Khan.   
              Joseph Proskauer
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      In his book "Steppenwolf" he prophesied the coming of "The Russian
      man." This was a creature of nightmare who is no longer Homo
      sapiens, but an existential monster who rejects all thought and all
      human values:  even his principium individuation or sense of self. 

      "He reaches forth beyond prohibitions, beyond natural instinct,
      beyond morality.  He is the man who has grasped the idea of freeing
      himself, and on the other side, beyond the veil, beyond the
      principium individuationis, of turning back again.  The ideal man of
      the Karamazovs loves nothing and everything, does nothing and
      everything.  He is primeval matter, monstrous soul-stuff.  He cannot
      live in this form; he can only pass on."

      This is a man who transcended his humanity (his moral nature) in
      favor of developing his universal self.  He becomes, in essence, a
      human without humanity.  He has transcended his humanity in favor of
      that which is beyond human, to that which is simultaneously
      boundless and universal, yet also immoral and primeval.

      ******* By the way, Hesse was enough of a pupil of Steiner so that when Dr. Steiner issued his call for a Threefold Social Order in the chaos after WWI, Hesse was one of the signatories. Not sure how much he was in the movement, but apparently more than Kafka (who only dabbled in Theosophy a bit, but did have a meeting with Steiner he recorded in his diary----as did Gurdjieff, for historical interest).


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