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Hesse and Manson

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Don t go out and buy Steppenwolf thinking that it contains The Russian Man. That prophesy, if you will, was in Hesse s book Glimpse into Chaos. Sorry
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2004
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      Don't go out and buy "Steppenwolf" thinking that it contains "The
      Russian Man."

      That prophesy, if you will, was in Hesse's book "Glimpse into
      Chaos." Sorry for the mix up.

      I believe Hesse was into Steiner. He is among my favorite authors.
      His philosophy has a existential element(typical German)that's
      disturbing yet thought provoking. I'd like to clarify this dark
      aspect of his philosophy some time in the future, when I'm not so
      darn busy with writing papers and studying for school finals. His
      solution to "living life to the fullest" wasn't that different from
      Charles Manson's solution.

      Read "Steppenwolf" over the Thanksgiving weekend and you'll be
      shocked to discover what that solution is. It's unbelievable.

      Mathew Morrell
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