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[Fwd: [steiner] Re: Open letter to my daughter]

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  • LilOleMissy@SBCglobal.net
    ... ... parsival_13 wrote: I can t keep silent anymore. Indeed, so few can really see what has been happening inside the USA, which is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2004

      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "LilOleMissy@S..." <lilolemissy@s...>

      >Tragic but true are your words, Br. Ron.
      >How is it that so few are able to SEE?
      >As for myself, I shall not be led like a sheep
      >Nor surrender my Freedom of Will
      >As demanded by OBL et al!!!

      parsival_13 wrote:

      I can't keep silent anymore. Indeed, so few can really see what
      has been happening inside the USA, which is a methodical and
      calculated implementation of a satanic police state.

      The naivete and self-delusion of the list members who purport to be
      spiritually inclined yet think of the GWB cabal as embodying the
      spirit of "self-reliance" would be comical if weren't so pathetic.

      Warmongers and liars only embody the principal Ahriman and Satan.

      And the 3,000 people murdered by "terrorists" ? They were a
      SACRFICE by your demonic leaders. 9/11 = Reichstag Incident.
      OBL = Emmanuel Goldstein.

      Could a bunch of terrorists who can at best muster a simultaneous
      car-bombing of a couple embassies as the limit of their sophistication
      suddently outwit the combined airspace defense of the Pentagon and
      NORAD, pulling off an attack of such sophistication and brilliance
      and then go back to car bombing and beheading contractors? You're
      a joke if you actually believe that.

      Think Goebels, Goering, Himmler et al. and look at Rove,
      Perle, Wolfowitz, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

      The spirit of Klingsor is live and well in the inner circle of the
      neo-cons, with Bush the not-so-witting stooge, the monkey in the

      "America is headed for a kind of ruin. It has found ruinous leaders
      to take it there".

      And Kerry isn't an alternative, by the way. Both sides of the "the
      2 party system" have been so co-opted you have two Bonesman vying
      for the same job, but the key difference is whether the American
      people actually ENDORSE this madness by re-electing GWB or REJECT
      it by (albeit futiley) voting for change.

      God help us all. Either way, WWIII is upon us, but if it's Bush,
      it'll be here a lot faster.

      Mark my words.

      Dear Friends,

      This event of yesterday has been ignored by the media, but it is what we may expect to witness more frequently, sad to say. Steiner was so very correct in his warnings to us, which the article to which this link leads illustrates.


      Br. Ron's words certainly illustrate the reality of today.



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