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Re: [steiner] Fact over Myth

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  • leslie russell
    Ummmm........what would you do without your precious gas? I am but a lurker and although I agree we are off topic per se, I still feel the need to put my two
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 31, 2004
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      Ummmm........what would you do without your precious gas? I am but a lurker and although I agree we are off topic per se, I still feel the need to put my two cents in.Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.Gas included!

      "LilOleMissy@..." <lilolemissy@...> wrote:

      California is a model to exemplify what happens when there is
      inadequate energy supplies; besides blackouts, the economic toll can
      be measured in terms of layoffs and lost wages equaling billions of
      dollars. Energy shortages weighed down Californians with Third World
      energy supply problems, this despite California having the country's
      largest alternative energy program.  That's another fact.

      Mathew, the situation here in California is complicated by so-called "environmentally safe" state laws such as mandating certain adatives included in all gasoline sold in this state. Not only do these extra substances further pollute our environment [in contradistinction to what the supposed use of them is to circumvent] but the cost of fuel is enormously inflated with the varying grades of gasoline refined especially for use in this state. I use a  diesel vehicle to avoid this, but supposedly the most polluted region in the entire US is the enormous San Joaquin Valley due to prevailing winds blowing to them everything originating in the San Francisco Bay area and in-between as well, not to mention the tons and tons of pesticides, herbacides, etc. to fuel the enormous agricultural industries in the Valley itself. Here on the Monterey Bay Coast we escape this, but there are other problems to rivel pollution, i.e. lack of water with not just one but two enormous desalanation plants on the drawing boards locally due to infighting betwen environmentalists and local needs.
      On top of all this is the huge National Marine Sanctuary which includes the entire Pacific coast from north of San Francisco on south nearly to Santa Barbara, plus the local Monterey Bay Underwater Canyon Sanctuary recently established. At one time individual and some corporate fishing industries rimmed our entire coastline, but fishing as a private enterprise is rapidly disappearing due to strict laws mandating otter, sealion, seal, prehistoric condor and other birdlife plus native plant protections as prime inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean and Coastal areas in opposition to other uses.

      There is far more which applies here, but this is off topic from Steiner, more or less, although perhaps one might hazard we have hopefully learned a proper degree of wisdom, neither extreme nor underrated, to be wise stewards of the earth entrusted to us.



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