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Re: [steiner] About that eclipse (Week 29)

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  • LilOleMissy@SBCglobal.net
    Dear Joe and Friends, This is incredible and how great to carry these thoughts within my very being as I observed what was visible of the lunar eclipse last
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 28, 2004
      Dear Joe and Friends,

      This is incredible and how great to carry these thoughts within my very being as I observed what was visible of the lunar eclipse last evening. Thank you, Joe and Dr. Starman for this. Here on the west coast our sky was intermittantly obscured while "teasing" us, so to say, with bits and pieces of a splendid heavenly display until the clouds suddenly parted (almost as though planned - rather as one might experience in a "curtain call" of sorts) to expose a copper ball suspended rather high in the Eastern sky! It was as though I could reach out and actually clutch it in my hands before it once more ran to hide again, as though the light Venus blocked from reaching further brought shame to that planet, somehow causing a need to seek protection behind heavy dark clouds again. I was wondering what impulses springing from the darkness of the earth might be influenced for the good during this remarkable event, and if I'm not mistaken, the next such total lunar eclipse visible from the US is to be in 2008 with an intervening one in 2007 {?} visible elsewhere. What a beautiful display to be given, however foggy the sky chose to be, but perhaps "curtain calls" are sometimes capable of enticing an otherwise possible absent Wonder!



      Jp wrote:

      Dear Friends,


      As you may have heard, tonight brings a total eclipse of the Moon -- visible in large part or in entirety from all of the Americas , and most of Europe and Africa .  The entire event, from penumbra to penumbra, runs from 0:00 to 6:00 Universal Time, or 8pm - 2am Eastern Daylight Time.  The partial eclipse is expected to begin about 9:14 EST, and totality begins at 10:23 and lasts til 11:45.*  (See http://skyandtelescope.com for details and a world map of visibility.) 


      Tonight -- or tomorrow morning, it might be possible to catch the tail end of another act of the celestial drama -- the Orionid meteor shower.   

      If you are lucky (and alert) enough to see any meteors, it could be interesting to see whether you can trace their center of origin back toward a point in or near the constellation they are named for -- Orion the Hunter. 


      If you've read my previous notes, you'll recall that Orion is one of three centers of a larger drama -- together with bright Venus and, between them, the remarkable celestial arc formed by Saturn passing between the Dog Stars and the Twins.**  On Long Island, it looks like clearer morning skies may be returning.  The whole drama was visible this morning, including six of the seven classical planets (Moon, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, followed by the Sun -- who's missing?)  


      The sight of Moon, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars together should be increasingly visible over the coming two weeks.  Their movements make a wonderful dance for those who follow them from morning to morning and from and week to week.  This is highlighted by a wonderful series of series of conjunctions among them, as well as the bright star Regulus (the Heart of the Lion) and the stars of the arc, Nov. 3rd-6th and 9th-11th.  A good time to look would be about 6:30am -- an hour earlier by the altered clock after Daylight Savings ends at 2am on Halloween.  Among other elements, it's a chance to compare their colors, and their speeds:  how long does it take each planet to move from one constellation to the next?  At the start of this period, the waning Moon crosses the arc, beginning to echo the arc's curve with its own shape.  (Is there a similar echoing during the eclipse tonight)?  Other highlights include the close approach of Venus and Jupiter on the mornings of Nov. 4th and 5th, and the Moon and Jupiter on November 9th.  The morning of Dec. 7th brings two conjunctions - Mars / Venus and Jupiter/Moon -- a double date.  And all along, toward Winter solstice and the Holy Nights, Saturn will be moving closer to the arc's true heart, and the curve should begin to sing.   


      * Tonight, if you have a clear eastern horizon, you should be able to watch our stellar arc rise during the eclipse, beginning about the time that totality commences.  Can you see each of the five points appear above the horizon, one at a time?  How much of it will have risen by the end of totality?  Are the Golden Ratios between Saturn and the Twins and Dog Stars more evident as the arc rises, or when it's overhead toward dawn?   As the Moon emerges from the earth's shadow (beginning at 11:45pm), how closely will it's form resemble that of the rising stellar arc?  Will the arc have entirely risen by the time the Moon is fully out of shadow -- clear of the earth's penumbra? 


      ** I would be happy to provide anyone with an updated full description of the arc and accompanying events, including clarifications, additions, and corrections (some directions and times were incorrect in previous versions). 


      I would be most interested to hear any observations or impressions of these events from anyone who wishes to share them.  I will try to respond soon. 


      Have a beautiful day, a momentous night, and a harmonious, uplifting morning.   


                  Joe Proskauer


      From: DoctorStarman@... [mailto:DoctorStarman@...]
      Sent: Sunday, October 24, 2004 6:20 PM
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      Subject: [steiner] Calendar of the Soul, Week 29


            The "Calendar of the Soul"

        Rudolf Steiner gave out the 'Soul-Calendar' in 1912, 52 meditative mantras to enable us to experience the 'astral' (soul) events occurring within us and in Nature during the year, starting with the first mantra on Easter Sunday.
         These mantras for each week are well known to many students of Steiner, but the original "Calendar " also had 12 Images of the Zodiac, to be meditated with each month to sense the working of the 'solar' forces in the cosmos, plus a listing of the Moon's phases & position in the signs each night for sensing the 'lunar' forces, and a list of dates of births and deaths of spiritual figures and dates of events to contemplate on specific days. 
         Here's the Soul-Calendar restored to this complete 'astrosophical' form. 

         The Sun, according to the Doctor, is under the influence of the constellation LIBRA from Oct. 13th to Nov. 9th in our era. Here's a version of the symbolic image of the SCALES in the original Soul-Calendar, done from Steiner's sketches & indications:     

      This week's mantra.
          For those not familiar with the use of mantras: The anthroposophic path uses symbolic images like the above ("Imaginations") to awaken spiritual sight, and mantras ("Inspirations") to begin spiritual hearing. The meaning of the words of a mantra at first sight is not important, but rather reciting it and entering with deeper soul-forces into its inner experience. Also, these mantras were created in the German language and have their rhythms in that, so learning an English version is just a step to using the original; I've kept close to it in translating, so anyone can easily go from English to German.

      *  M A N T R A  # 2 9  *

      Sich selbst des Denkens leuchten
      Im Innern kraftvoll zu entfachen,
      Erlebtes sinnvoll deutend
      Aus Weltengeistes Kräftequell,
      Ist mir nun Sommererbe
      Ist Herbstesruhe und auch Winterhoffnung.

      Oneself, the Glowing Light of Thinking
      Within powerfully to enkindle,
      Life's meaningfulness interpreting
      Out of the World-Spirit's Power-Source,
      Is to me Summer's inheritance,
      Is Fall's Rest and also Winter's Hope.

      This week's mantra:
          The season of Autumn is the Michaelmas time, in which we are meant to develop Self (inner)-consciousness instead of the Nature (outer)-consciousness we had all Summer.
          Last week, we felt this growing self-consciousness cause our being to widen: thinking found itself able to solve seemingly-insoluable mysteries of life, and in our feelings, many wishes we had given up on now we see it possible to realize.
         This week, we should feel this growing power of Thinking as the gift of our Summer experience, making sense out of all that seemed senseless in life; giving us a feeling of a restful pause and an expectation of good in the coming Winter.


        The Moon positions and phases for the week are listed below along with some of the spiritual figures and events connected with the days.                              

      Sunday, October  24th.  Moon Pisces. Raphael (the Archangel ).

      Monday, October 25th. Moon Aries.  1806 Max Stirner born.
      Tuesday, October 26th. Moon Aries.   Thaddeus (found in Matthew's Gospel).

      Wednesday, October 27th. Moon Taurus. Full Moon. Sabina.

      Thursday, October 28th. Moon Taurus. Simeon and Judas (relatives of Jesus). 1704 John Locke died. 1466 Erasmus of Rotterdam born.

      Friday, October 29th. Moon Gemini. Narcissus.

      Saturday, October 30th. Moon Gemini.

         There is also an eclipse of the Moon Thurday night.
      Dr. Starman


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