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Re: [steiner] Apocalyptic Lectures

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    sarahfe@unison.ie writes: ... ******* Here are the relevant quotes. Brother Ron will recall we had a quite a lively discussion of these on the alleged
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      sarahfe@... writes:

      Where can I find Steiner's apocalyptic lectures? Since I am English, and do
      not own a television (although I am at this very moment eating pizza!) I am
      more interested in what Steiner had to say about these times than in
      American politics (sorry!) Could anyone say more about this?

      ******* Here are the relevant quotes. Brother Ron will recall we had a quite a lively discussion of these on the alleged 'anthroposophy' list run by a socialist with several anti-American folks, who did their best to twist the meaning of Steiner's words around, about a demonic force associated historically with Islam becoming powerful again in 1998.

      Rudolf SteinerĀ  September 1924 / Switzerland

      From one basic way of considering this matter, there are two
      realms: the realm of NATURE  which is the realm of the Father
      (the source of the created world both spiritually and physically)
      and the realm of the SPIRIT.
      The Mohammedan teachings do not know the structure of the
      world I have just been speaking about. They know--- and can
      ONLY know---the Father.
      They know only the rigid doctrine: "There is one God, Allah, and
      none beside him, and Mohammed is his Prophet."
      From this angle, the teachings of Mohammed are the strongest
      polarity to Christianity.
      Indeed, resident in a hidden manner within the Islamic
      worldview is the will to do away with all freedom forever, the will
      to bring about a purely deterministic spiritual and social order
      that would dominate every aspect of human life, for nothing else
      is possible if you imagine the world solely in the sense of a
      Father God alone.
      A foreboding of this gave the apocalypse-writer (John) the
      feeling: The human being cannot be found, or find himself, in
      this. The human being cannot become filled through and
      through with Christ if he remains connected with the doctrine of
      the Father (alone).
      Restricted to this, the human being cannot take hold of his own
      humanness. He fails to become fully human if he is only able to
      conceive the Father God.
      In the end, the human being only becomes human by making
      Christ alive within himself and thereby gaining protection from
      the material conviction that spiritual realities are illusionary and
      vaporous epi-phenomena of purely material causes.
      Entertainment of the doctrine of the Father (alone) inescapably
      arrives at a conceptual materialism such as represented, for
      example, by Darwinism, the view that the human being arises
      from purely material causes.
      And if we regard Christianity primarily as that which accords with
      the Sun forces spiritually speaking, and such as is reflected /
      mirrored / mediated / manifested by the nine ranks of angelic
      Hierarchies, then we may identify that which OPPOSES these
      spiritual/sun forces as "anti-sun" forces or as a "sun demon."
      This "sun demon" works COUNTER to the Christian principle in
      such a way that  if a human being were to succumb to the lures
      of the sun demon and his inspiration, then that same human
      being would  by his own free choice surrender all inward
      connection to the divinity of Christ for an inward connection with
      the sub-human spiritual realms.
      The apocalyptist saw this.  He felt and saw the mighty (future)
      counter-principle of Arabism bursting in on Christianity.
      It was clear to him that, from this Arabism, everything arises that
      brings the human being close to the purely animal nature, first of
      all in his views, but gradually also in his combined impulses of
      will and action.
      And what the apocalyptist saw BEHIND the future scenes of the
      looming Mohammdan historical impulse was the sun demon at
      work, working against the sun forces, against the spiritual
      If asked, the apocalyptist would have called the representatives
      of Arabism in Europe "human beings who have willingly
      dedicated themselves to the sun demon in their souls' nature."
      Dear friends, the number 666 represented both the NAME and
      the TIME when Arabism would flow into Christianity in order to
      impress the seal of materialism upon western culture.
      The apocalyptist portrays everything that works as a
      counter-principle to Christianity such as Arabism and its
      deterministic conceptual constructs as direct outflow from the
      counter-spirituality represented by the sun-demon Surat.
      And, in the final analysis, everything flowing from Arabism was
      directed ultimately against a spiritual Christian understanding of
      transubstantiation. External facts certainly do not look as if this
      were the case but by allotting validity only to the Father principle to the natural world-order, the sun demon forces indeed
      intended to sweep away from human view an immediate feeling
      for that which is active in the very deepest way in a sacrament
      such as transubstantiation.
      (The great revolutions that came about in Europe as a result of
      the Crusades belong under the sign of the SECOND occurrence
      of the number 666.)
      During the first 666, dear friends, Surat was still hidden but
      actively at work within the external process of outward events; he
      was not seen in clear outward manifestation.
      Now before us [in 1924] lies the time of the third number 666:
      1998 A.D.
      At the end of this (the twentieth) century, the time will come when
      Surat will ONCE AGAIN raise his head most strongly out of the
      waves of history.
      Only two-thirds of the 20th century will have still to run before
      Surat/Sorat once again raises his head most mightily.
      Before this (twentieth) century is out, he will show himself
      through his appearance in many human beings as the one by
      whom many are "possessed."
      Human beings will appear of whom it will be impossible to
      believe that they are really human beings.
      These Surat-inspired human beings will be recognizable by their
      external appearance; in a terrible way they will not only scoff at
      everything, but will also oppose, and want to destroy, and to
      push into the abyss anything that is spiritual.
      Outwardly, they will have intense and strong dispositions, with
      savage countenances, and with furious destructiveness in their
      The intention to sweep-away anything spiritual will be
      deep-seated in large numbers of earthly souls, just as the
      apocalyptist has foreseen in the beast-like countenance, and the
      beast-like strength, that will underlie the deeds of the adversary
      over against the spiritual.
      Even today, hidden rage against spiritual things is already
      immense, yet it is still in its very early infancy in contrast to what
      is to come.- - - - - - - - - -

      >Source: The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest (GA 346)
      >Rudolf Steiner 18 Lectures plus conversations
      >Dornach, September 1924

      >>> Coming from a liberal, socialist background, it has been
      quite an adjustment for me to come to see that war and death and killing may
      be a force for good, or can we say good in the light of the self-regulating
      law of karma? A senseless, violent death may not necessarily be the tragedy
      it seems. After all, the Mystery of Golgotha wouldn't have been the same if
      the Romans only went in for community service! And yet compassion is
      supposed to be one of the most important capacities that we need to develop.
      How do these things balance themselves out?

      ********Steiner often pointed to the greatness of the Bhagavad Gita. That scripture is the answer of God (in the form of Krishna) to Arjuna, who realizes that he cannot kill the people's souls but only their bodies, and refuses to lead his army into battle, it all seeming futile and absurd. God explains to him that a destiny is given each of us and we must do our duty in whatever station we are placed, and in the end Arjuna decides to fight. He sees that it is the compassionate thing to do in the light of true knowledge.

      >>Recently I was leading a study session at the Steiner Teacher Training
      course here (I am living in Co. Clare, Ireland). We had just started "The
      Study of Man" (I still insist on using the old title). One of the students
      said "I would have thought that the first thing Steiner would have insisted
      upon was that he close the cigarette factory". I tried to point out that a
      great initiate like Steiner would have a broader view of the evolution of
      humanity than our preoccupation with the evils of lung cancer!!
      It is so easy to get sucked into this narrowness of vision. Clear thinking
      is what is required and a focus on the eternal.
      Sarah FE

      *******In fact, Steiner told the doctors he trained that they might advise some of their patients to TAKE UP smoking, since it stimulates the pulse. If I was an elderly patient with a weak pulse I'd certainly consider it, since it takes 20 years for cancer to develop and I would be gone by then.
         Also, smoking does not cause cancer. Science does not know what CAUSES it, only that there is a correlation of its incidence in a large part of a given population. My grandfather smoked every day of his life and died in his 90s from old age with never a sign of cancer. And Europeans were smoking lots for centuries while cancer was a quite rare disease, up until about the start of the 20th century.
         We know from anthroposophy what the true cause is. Cancerous growths are the result of non-use of the etheric or life forces, which we at this point in evolution are supposed to be re-learning how to use. These growths start more easily in areas closed to oxygen, that's all, so lungs clogged by any smoke are a breeding ground just as a congested colon is.
         What an example of one-sided politically correct thinking, to ignore the good Emil Molt did with the funds from his Waldorf Cigarette Factory and instead call him a evil man for not closing his business.
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