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Re: [steiner] 'What the #$*! Do We Know!?

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    Thank you, Mathew, for your reply and the information on JZ Knight. These are interesting times. ... __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Take
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 16, 2004
      Thank you, Mathew, for your reply and the information
      on JZ Knight. These are interesting times.

      --- Mathew Morrell <tma4cbt@...> wrote:

      > Funny social_artist should mention that movie. We
      > must be on the
      > same wave length. I just wrote a letter to the
      > editor of a newspaper
      > in Utah over a movie review of 'What the #$*! Do We
      > Know!?'.
      > My problem with the movie was not the ideas on
      > quantum mechanics that
      > were expressed during the film, but rather with the
      > over all purpose
      > of the film. Appearing in the film is the cult
      > leader and fraud JZ
      > Knight who helped financed 'What the #$*! Do We
      > Know!?' and is shown
      > during the film chanelling "Ramtha the Enlightened
      > One." Below is my
      > letter to the editor.
      > Noticeably absent from Busack's movie review of
      > 'What the #$*! Do We
      > Know!?', is the fact that J.Z. Knight is the leader
      > of a mind control
      > group in Yelm Washington, and that her new movie is
      > nothing more than
      > a propaganda film to attract more followers.
      > How von Busack missed that element of the movie is
      > impossible to
      > comprehend. All he need do to research J.Z. Knight's
      > past was connect
      > to the Internet and he would have discovered a
      > plethora of articles
      > and reports showing how much of a charlatan and a
      > phoney J.Z. Knight
      > is. Worse then her false Dooms Day predictions,
      > however, are the
      > innumerable families and marriages that have been
      > shattered by this
      > woman; or the lost childhoods of boys and girls drug
      > into this insane
      > movement by their parents. JZ's RSE (Ramtha's School
      > of
      > Enlightenment) is an environmental dooms day cult
      > that
      > has "prophesied" apocalyptic earthquakes, continent
      > swallowing
      > floods, genocidal diseases--all of which were
      > supposed to occur in
      > 1988. When the apocalypse didn't occur, the date was
      > moved back two
      > more years, and the followers told to build
      > underground bunkers
      > stocked with two year supply of food, water and
      > ammunition. J.Z.
      > Knight, alias Ramtha the Enlightened One, is famous
      > for her
      > disastrous financial advice that she gives her
      > followers, leaving
      > many of them penniless and destitute. She is a
      > pathological liar who
      > claims she channels a 35,000 old entity who lived in
      > ancient Atlantis
      > and has come back to Earth to start a ancient school
      > of initiation.
      > Mathew Morrell
      > www.kcpost.net

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