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Esoteric Training [was: Re: peach-blossom color - training]

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    ... You can read more I ve written about this path, courtesy of Matthew of our list here, at this site: http://kcpost.net/EastMW_Anth.htm And I m sure there
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004

      Has anyone on this group participated (or participates) in some form
      of R. Steiner's practical work, as stipulated in 'Guidance in
      esoteric training'?
      Are there more documents of this nature? like a second, third....
      part available on the Internet?
      I should like some guidance upon embarking in that form of training.
      I have previously done some yoga work, and also some training 'G.D.
      magic and A A Bailey Arcane school.
      I am starting to grasp (well I think) some basic concepts now, and
      wish very much to take up an active role.
      Thank you,
      Micheline Naud

      *******There are many different ways to take up Initiation. The assimilation of the ideas of anthroposophy is usually the first step, and then there is, for instance, the series of exercises given in the last chapter of Theosophy and then expanded upon in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds. There is yet another path for eurythmists, still another for painters, etc.

         We begin first with our thinking and then intensify thinking through the use of concentrated thinking exercises, like the daily review of our actions and the use of mantras. This begins to transform the thinking and feeling. The ritual doing of certain actions likewise trains the will.

          It isn't so important to have lots of material as to use what you have. The book Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment (now called "How to Know Higher Worlds") and its sequel, The Stages of Higher Knowledge, give you enough for a lifetime, for example. What is important is to get on and stay on a regular meditative life, being able to do an exercise every day. Our culture is overly head-oriented so we think we need lots of information. But you don't need much to decide to think about a pencil every day for 5 minutes (one thinking exercise) or try to make yourself do something which nothing in life forces you to do every day (a will exercise).

          You can read more I've written about this path, courtesy of Matthew of our list here, at this site:


         And I'm sure there are lots of people here trying to walk this path if and when you have any questions.

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