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cfp: Goethe's Delicate Empiricism

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  • janushead
    CALL FOR PAPERS Janus Head: An Interdisciplinary Journal http://www.janushead.org SPECIAL ISSUE: Goethe s Delicate Empiricism Guest Editors: Craig Holdrege,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2004

      Janus Head: An Interdisciplinary Journal


      SPECIAL ISSUE: Goethe's Delicate Empiricism

      Guest Editors:
      Craig Holdrege, Director of the Nature Institute
      William Bywater, Professor of Philosophy, Allegheny College

      Please submit your writing--including poetry and fiction as well as
      theory--considering all aspects and applications of Goethe's methodology.

      Essays on the following topics are most welcome:
      -- the philosophical and spiritual foundations of the method
      -- the historical context of the development of the method
      -- the impact of the method on 20th Century and contemporary
      humanistic and scientific theorizing
      -- the use of the method in contemporary study of life

      Creative work which reflects the scope, power, or impact of Goethe's
      approach to nature, imagination or knowledge is especially invited.

      Deadline for submissions: August 15, 2004

      Janus Head is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that is
      especially interested in the intersection among continental
      philosophy, phenomenological psychology, literature and the arts. The
      journal is available in hard copy and on-line formats.

      Submissions should be no longer than 10,000 words. Works should be
      typed and double-spaced. Format requirements: APA or MLA styles.
      Submit one disk or CD and two (2) copies to the address below. Your
      essay should include a brief abstract (120 words or less). Also
      include a brief biography for the contributors page, should your paper
      be accepted. Make sure to include all relevant contact information,
      including a permanent e-mail address. E-mail submissions will not be

      Please include a cover letter, a short biography, and correspondence
      information. Short fiction should be typed and double-spaced and
      should be no longer than 9000 words (about 36 pages or shorter).
      Poetry should be typed in the format in which it is intended to be
      printed. Three to five poems are the suggested number for poetry
      submissions. Submit one disk or CD and two (2) copies to the address
      below. Poetry, if 300 words or less, may be sent via e-mail to
      jhinfo@... (but please include full correspondence address).
      If your submissions does not follow these guidelines, it will not be

      We are seeking artists to submit portfolios to feature in the journal.
      Photos, slides, and/or electronic images are the preferred formats.
      Please e-mail the editors if you have any questions: jhinfo@....

      1. Essay and poetry submission materials will not be returned.
      However, art, photography and other materials will be returned, if you
      include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
      2. Upon the acceptance of your paper, Janus Head reserves the right to
      use your work for promotional purposes, anthologies, etc. However, you
      are welcome to publish your work elsewhere as you see fit.
      3. Contributors will get a complimentary hard copy of the issue in
      which their work appears, as well as access to an electronic PDF file
      of their articicle for distribution. Additional hard copies of the
      issue can be purchased at $10 per copy at the Janus Head website.

      Please send to:

      Janus Head
      P.O. Box 7914
      Pittsburgh, PA 15216-0914

      Authors should include their e-mail address. Allow at least 3-6 months
      for the review process and editorial decisions. Notice of receipt of
      materials can be obtained by e-mail at jhinfo@....
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