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Re: [steiner] Cycle of Group Work

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  • Suzanne Walker
    Starman- I am all for your idea- it looks very good. (I wondered if everyone knows about making sure you get the emails as they come in. It makes a difference
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 17, 2004
      Starman- I am all for your idea- it looks very good.
      (I wondered if everyone knows about making sure you get the emails as they come in.  It makes a difference in following the conversation , or lack thereof).  
      You take on this committment to monitor this group with real energy, and determnation.  It is awesome, I would say. trying to get a real conversation going is challenging. But let's give it a go. Blessings to you-  Suzanne
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      Subject: [steiner] Cycle of Group Work

      *******Dear List Mates,
         The recent experience of finding out how few people here are receiving the e-mails in real time, and how real study together is so impossible because so many people choose to go to read the e-mail whenever they feel like it at the web site --- and the images and attachments then can no longer be seen with the e-mails, so they get only an Ahrimanic distortion of it ---  has led to two decisions on my part.

         First, I talked months ago about studying the 12 zodiac images starting with Pisces, which we are in now---- but now I realize this is impossible for the same reason, no visuals and actual study of a reality together. So that's on hold.

         Second, it has crystallized an idea that has been forming in me for awhile about a way to study spiritual science in a rhythm of some sort. So what I am proposing is to use the seasons. To take something as a study for a season may overcome what I call the "dead zone" effect, where I put out a large amount of material here and get zero response (which I now realize is because so many people are not tuning in daily and so seeing none of it until they feel like going to the web site and looking, and then they see only the text). If we are studying a subject for 3 months or so, those who do not want to participate daily may find the time to read what is posted and join in ---- perhaps evewn change their e-mail settings to allow daily e-mails in their mailboxes.

         In working with the Soul-Calendar, I've come to a strong feeling of how we are led out of ourselves into experiencing outer Nature in a dreamy way in summer, and then we become awake again in winter. Some of you may know that many anthroposophic study groups shut down in summer and then start up again in the fall. In the summer, the idea of book-study seems a bit absurd, then.

         As I've looked at the anthroposophic path, there are three primary areas of book-study: the idea of Initiation and how the Christ-Being is connected to this (as Steiner wrote about in his only written work on Christ, "Christianity As Mystical Fact)", the understanding of our individual interior life and personal human destinies (the book "Theosophy", with the understanding of our higher members, what happens after death and how reincarnation and karma work in us) as revealed through initiation-induced knowledge, and the story of the Hierarchies of spiritual beings, how they built the world and how we human beings have evolved to our current forms and are continuing to evolve (the readings from the akashic records in Steiner's book "Cosmic Memory" and the "Human and Cosmic Evolution" chapter of "An Outline of Occult Science"). Along with this book-study is the practice of meditation, as outlined in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds. (A separate study is the philosophical path, which he said is safer but which few are able to walk these days.)

         So what I'm proposing is to write about Christ and the Path of initiation in the spring time, for instance the book Christianity As Mystical Fact, Steiner's lectures on the Path and the Gospels, etc. (It certainly seems appropriate to discuss such at Easter, and even more so this year with The Mel Gibson film of the Passion of Christ out.) Then, through the summer we can continue to talk about the meditative path and the exercises we're meant to be doing so that our book-study is fruitful. In the fall, I'll write about what's in the book "Theosophy"---- and then in the winter about the Hierarchies and Saturn, Sun, Moon & Earth. I'll just post things here on those topics to stimulate some discussion in this group where otherwise so often months go by with little said. As for the philosophical path, whoever that appeals to can discuss it at any time, since it's a parallel track just like bio-dynamic agriculture or eurythmy or painting or Waldorf education or astrosophy----which topics, naturally, people can also bring up any time, hopefully stimulated by some of the other conversations that arise.

      Dr. Starman

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