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  • Suzanne Walker
    ... From: Suzanne Walker To: DRStarman2001@aol.com Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 9:48 PM Subject: newcomer Hi- I have been readng the posts here, following
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      Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 9:48 PM
      Subject: newcomer

      Hi- I have been readng the posts here, following along, and decided to join. I am a practicing astrologer (27 yrs), student of anthroposophy and astrosophy--- that would be my prime interest right now.  Astrosophy turns regular western astrology on its head. Brings up so many questions. Pierre Gringoire mentioned how to construct a horoscope.  Well, you can delve into Eliz Vreede... but I don't know if you would come away with knowing how to construct a horoscope. Many intro astro books tell how.  I just pulled out Isabel Hickey's Astrology A Cosmic Science (last chapter). The thing is Steiner gives us so much that forces us to question most of the foundations of traditional astrology.  Personally- I still think it is a fine way to begin- learn it and then unlearn it.
      Someone mentioned "Man Hieroglyph of the Universe".  I am in the third rereading of that one.  Whew. In the third lecture he draws a picture of the zodiac on the blackboard to demonstrate the "plane of will". Taurus is in the upper left quadrant and Scorpio is in the lower right quadrant (plane of thinking) and Leo- upper right quadrant, Aquarius- lower left (plane of feeling).  It is as if the zodiac were a plate and he tipped it up to put it on the blackboard so we are essentially looking at it from underneath!!  This is not how astrology draws the zodiac- the signs progress counterclockwise.  SO what does this mean???????  What does it say about chart construction?
      And what does it mean when he says that a planet on the left side of the Taurus/Scorpio "plane" is quite different from one to the right?
      (I dread even mentioning a further question..... the issue of a planet being "above or below" the Leo/Aquarius plane............what?????)
      I do get how declination is much more important than most astrologers think-if you take to heart RS's statement that a planet above or below the Sun is much more important that how far from the Sun it is.  But declination does not show itself in a horoscope.
      Anyone else out there contemplating these things?
      ps- thanks Starman for the tips. And more tips.
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      Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 7:09 PM
      Subject: Re: steiner list query

      In a message dated 2/9/2004 3:22:29 PM Eastern Standard Time, zwalker@... writes:

      Dr Starman- I got a question about this list- I am new to this. How do I post a message to the group? And how do I send an email to just one person on the list?  I did write to someone--- I thought--- it certainly did not show up on the list.  Haven't gotten a reply. Sorry to be so ignorant.

      Thanks for doing this- I've read a bunch of your entries and...really--- thanks. I hope to get into the swing of things--- if I can figure it all out.

      ******* That's quite all right; it is a strange new world at first, this e-mailing and "e-lists". We're happy to have you aboard, Suzanne.

          The easiest way to start posting to the list is to just hit "Reply" to any message you receive from it. That reply will go to all members of the list. Or, you can address any letter you write to "steiner@yahoogroups.com" and that will do the same. (You can also go to yahoo.com's web site, go to our group's web site, and post a message from there.)

         Each message that appears has the e-mail address of the person sending it; that's the address you would write to if you ONLY want THAT person to see it and respond, as you just wrote me at this e-mail address. Got it?

         The list sends you an automated welcome when you join, which you should have gotten. Most people hit "Reply" to that and write something to introduce themselves.

          You should also have gotten this weeks's Calendar of the Soul mailing, and you could simply reply to that to post your first message.


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