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Re: [steiner] Addiction

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    ... ********There s an entirely different perspective to be found within anthroposophy, although I can t give you a link to a web site about such, apart from
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      kulander@... writes:
      Does anyone have a link to a discussion or anthroposophical lecture
      on drugs and addiction?
      Also, is there an additional link regarding mental health issues such
      as schizophrenia and depression?
      Any assistance gratefully received.

      ********There's an entirely different perspective to be found within anthroposophy, although I can't give you a link to a web site about such, apart from the book Knowledge of the Higher Worlds which we just read together here for Christmas (it is at the Steiner e-library), and related lectures. "Mental illness" is a term and idea that grows out of our materialistic science. What they'd like to do is conclude that all "unhealthy" behavior is brain illness, since they don't believe in any insubstantial mind but only the physical brain. But the mind is not a bodily thing which gets "ill". "Mental illness" is soul "illness", or rather the variety of ways the soul or astral body is wholly or partly not inserted properly in the physical and etheric bodies.

          In the chapter of Knowledge of the Higher Worlds about the Splitting of the Human Personality During Esoteric Training, Steiner writes about the 3 faculties of the soul, Thinking, Feeling and Willing. In that book and in amplifying lectures, he states that higher beings have kept these three parts coordinated for us but that modern Man is reaching the point where we need to learn to do so for ourselves. The overly Feeling person falls prey to all sorts of addictions and compulsive behavior when these three become independent, as Steiner forecast would happen more and more starting in the 20th century. (The Thinking person becomes a harsh unreasoning critic and the Willing person a brute----all of which are quite in evidence to any observer of our culture.)

          Schizophrenia is a condition caused by people being born with psychic ability who do not or cannot learn how to work with it in a healthy way. It results from a portion of the astral body being outside the physical almost constantly, though more at certain times than others. In anthroposophic terms, it results from the influence of Lucifer, where depression is the result of Ahriman and comes, rather, from a part of the astral diving too deep INTO the physical and being often unable to emerge from it. This is all part of anthroposophical medicine which does not separate the physical body and its "illnesses" from the mental and soul phenomena but rather finds the holistic connection. Perhaps someone here can suggest a web site for that.

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