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  • Pierre Gringoire
    (From Joe Proskauer, 12th Novenber 2003) I was very impressed with the breadth and thoroughness of Fred Gettings Dictionary of Astrology (Routledge & Kegan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2004
      (From Joe Proskauer, 12th Novenber 2003)
      I was very impressed with the breadth and thoroughness of Fred Gettings' Dictionary of Astrology (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1985, ISBN 071020650X;  Arkana Reprint edition 1991, ISBN 0140192875.)   
      I came across a copy of Fred Getting's "Secret Symbolism in Occult Art" (Harmony Books, 1987) in a second-hand bookshop and bought it because it contained a number of astrological symbols and illustrations and I wanted to study these.  I was surprised to discover it was also well written; the subject matter was senstively handled and the author was much more well informed than I had anticipated.  After reading Joe's post, I bought a copy of the Dictionary and have been referring to it ever since.  Not only is Mr. Gettings is well informed regarding Anthroposophy and Astrosophy, he also displays a degree of respect towards those associated with it, namely Kolisko, Vreede, Sucher, Powell, and of course Steiner.  Often the manner in which a subject is handled is as important as the subject matter itself.
      I recently bought his earlier "Book of the Zodiac" (Hamlyn 1972) but was dissappointed to discover this was not as well handled.  My guess is that Mr Gettings became interested in astrology first and came to Anthroposophy through his research into that field.   That said, it would be churlish to criticise a person for revising their views, as I am continually doing the same myself.  Like Joe, I would recommend the Dictionary to anyone who is looking for a general referrence book on astrology and its terms.
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