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Re: [steiner] Approaches to the Zodiac

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    Hey Pierre, I highly recommend The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar. It has very useful information on the movement of the sun through the zodiac over its 24,000
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      Hey Pierre, I highly recommend The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar.  It has very useful information on the movement of the sun through the zodiac over its 24,000 year period of revolution.  According to the information given in the book, I can only see how it relates to two of the items on your list:  the seasons, and the period of the 24-hour day. The 24-hour day could be considered a microcosm of the 24,000 year period of the sun's revolution.  The darkest periods of the sun's movement through the zodiac are Kali Yuga and Dwapara Yuga and together they make up three tenths of the total period of revolution which, when applied to the 24-hour day would signify that the sleeping hours comprise 7.2 hours. The issue of how it would relate to the seasons is a lot more complicated.

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      One of the problems with seeking to comprehend the Zodiac is that it is essentially occult in nature.  It cannot be approached in the way one would approach mathematics or geography.  The methodology we are taught at school -- and regarded as universally applicable -- is the use of logic.  Logic assumes adequate information, and for this reason it fails when we are dealing with something that is presently hidden from us.  In order to approach the hidden, we must relate not to the information we have, but to what is missing, or at least unobvious to us.  Seen from this perspective, all the information regarding the Zodiac acts as a gateway to the development of our understanding of it.  We have to look beyond what is presented, as it were, to see the greater reality behind it.


      Although I did not set out deliberately to make a list of the different approaches to the Zodiac, I did set out to find more than one way of looking at it.  It is most telling that such a multiplicity of approaches exists: this in itself points to the fact that it cannot be comprehended by means of ordinary thinking -- it requires intuition, insight, a degree of openness, patience and so on.  What follows is a list of the different approaches I have come across.  I have not yet made a thorough investigation into all of them, and for a number of them I have only glimpsed the potential behind the idea.  Once again I make no secret of my being a novice in this area.  The reason for outlining them is that I believe each of the approaches deserves further discussion, and there may be others on this list that can provide indications as to how this can be done.  (I intend to post some of my own thoughts in the near future).


      Beginning with the more obvious, the Zodiac can be studied from the point of view of:


      Twelve seasons

      Twelve world conceptions

      Twelve senses

      Twelve symbolic images

      Twelve body parts (zodiacal man)

      Twelve 'sun' or personality types

      Twelve zodiacal ages

      Twelve-hour clock (the waking and sleeping cycle)


      While some of these may appear more all encompassing than others, all of them I believe hold some potential for the development of understanding.  The list is by no means exhaustive.  In addition to the above, the festivals, the temperaments and the elements have also been linked to the Zodiac.

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