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  • alwynriver
    From previous posts … of all Steiner s books that I have read, this is the most straightforward, despite having one of the most esoteric sounding titles.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2003
      From previous posts

      … of all Steiner's books that I have read, this is the most
      straightforward, despite having one of the most esoteric sounding

      …KoHW is a very straightforward book, almost an outline

      …it is straightforward instead of in a professorial style.

      I agree, I stayed away from reading knowledge of the higher worlds,
      while I read many lectures by Steiner, when I finally did read it
      (feeling I would be ready to see whatever convoluted and strange
      practices could potentially be recommended ) I was relieved by its
      simplicity and clarity and common sense.
      As I have spent more time with it and worked with some of the
      exercises (including some around growing and withering) the progress
      made through these into its depths (or heights) have shown that
      while it is straightforwardly simple, it also has profundity and is
      multilayered . There are places in it where other things are being
      said/implied/pointed to at the same time as the main simple
      straightforward text goes on its way.
      Rudolf Steiner himself indicated that there are tensions and
      resolutions within it and these are fundamental to its purpose.

      Although it is straightforward, do not underestimate it.

      Within the work itself he says

      "For since these instructions are culled from the living inner word,
      from the living inwardly instilled speech, they are themselves
      gifted with spiritual life.
      They are not mere words; they are living powers.
      And while you follow the words of one who knows,
      while you read a book that springs from real inner experience,
      powers are at work in your soul which make you clairvoyant,
      just as natural forces have created out of living matter your eyes
      and your ears."

      "Within my own feelings and thoughts the highest mysteries lie
      until now I have not perceived them".

      And from his preface

      "Whoever reads this book in an intimate way, so that the reading
      resembles an inner experience, will not merely familiarize himself
      with its content: one passage will evoke a certain feeling, another
      passage another feeling; and in that way he will learn how much
      importance should be seen in the one or the other in the development
      of his soul."

      From Matthews gospel

      In those days John the Baptist came.
      He proclaimed his message in the isolation of the Judean desert,
      He said, "Change your hearts and minds.
      The realm of the heavens has come close.
      He it is of whom the prophet Isaiah speaks:
      A voice is heard calling in the loneliness:
      Prepare the way for the highest leader,
      Make his paths straight and good!"

      Perhaps "straight and good" could also be read as "straightforward"
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