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Evolution of Thought

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  • rickbobbs@yahoo.ca
    Dear Folks; I just came across this interesting observation, all unexpected... it s another one of those facts I d read before, but that hadn t sunk in until
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2003
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      Dear Folks;
      I just came across this interesting observation, all
      unexpected... it's another one of those facts I'd read before, but
      that hadn't sunk in until now. Of course, the backward Archai , are
      the Asuras...

      "It is a prejudice of contemporary, so-called enlightened human
      beings to believe that their thoughts are confined only to their
      heads. We would discover nothing of the things around us through
      thoughts if these thoughts were only within the heads of man. He who
      believes that thoughts are only in the human head is as prejudiced as
      one – paradoxical as this may sound – who believes that the drink of
      water with which he quenches his thirst originated on his tongue
      instead of flowing into his mouth from the glass of water. It is as
      ridiculous to claim that thoughts originate in the human head as it
      is to claim that the drink of water originates in the mouth. Indeed,
      thoughts are spread out all through the world. Thoughts are forces
      that dwell in all things. Our organ of thinking is simply something
      that partakes of the cosmic reservoir of thought forces, absorbing
      thoughts of itself. We therefore cannot speak of thoughts as if they
      were the possession only of the human being. Instead, we must be
      aware that thoughts are world-dominating forces, spread out
      everywhere in the cosmos. These thoughts, however, do not freely
      float about, as it were, but are always borne and worked upon by some
      beings; and most important, they are not always borne by the same
      "When we make use of the supersensible world, we find through
      supersensible research that, up to the fourth century A.D., the
      thoughts with which human beings made the world comprehensible to
      themselves were borne outside in the cosmos (I could also say, `they
      flowed out' – our earthly terms are ill-suited for these sublime
      occurrences and states of being), that these thoughts were borne or
      flowed from those hierarchical beings that we designate as the
      Exusiai or beings of form.

      "The evolution of humanity now approached the fourth century
      A.D. In the supersensible world, thought brought about an extremely
      significant event; namely, the Exusiai – the forces or beings of
      form – gave their thought forces up to the Archai, to the primal
      forces or primal beginnings. The primal beginnings, or Archai, took
      over the task formerly executed by the Exusiai. Such things happen in
      the supersensible world. This was a particularly sublime and
      significant cosmic event. From that time on, the Exusiai, the form
      beings, retained only the task of regulating the outer sense
      perceptions, therefore ruling with particular cosmic forces over
      everything existing in the world of colors, tones, and so forth.
      Concerning the age that now dawned after the fourth century A.D., a
      person who can discern these matters must say that he beholds how the
      world-dominating thoughts are passed on to the Archai, the primal
      beginnings; how what eyes see and what ears hear, the manifold world
      phenomena engaged in perpetual metamorphosis, are a tapestry woven by
      the Exusiai. They formerly bestowed the thoughts on human beings;
      they now give human beings their sense impressions, while the primal
      beginnings bestow the thoughts on human beings.

      "What is really implied here? What am I trying to point out so
      intensely? It is the fact that human beings feel themselves more and
      more in their individuality. As the world of thoughts passes from the
      form beings to the primal beginnings, from the Exusiai to the Archai,
      man increasingly senses the thoughts in his own being, because the
      Archai live one level nearer man than the Exusiai. Now, when man
      begins to see supersensibly, he has the following impression. He
      realizes that this is the world that he perceives as the sense world.
      One side is turned toward his senses, the other is already hidden
      from the senses. Ordinary consciousness knows nothing of the
      relationships that are to be considered here. Supersensible
      consciousness, on the other hand, has the impression that between man
      and the sense impressions there are the Angeloi, Archangeloi, and
      Archai; they are really on this side of the sense world. Though one
      does not see them with ordinary eyes, they actually are situated
      between man and the whole tapestry of sense impressions. The Exusiai,
      Dynamis and Kyriotetes are actually located beyond this realm; they
      are concealed by the tapestry of the sense impressions. A human being
      having supersensible consciousness senses that the thoughts are
      coming closer to him since having been given over to the Archai. He
      senses them as being located more in his world, whereas formerly they
      were located behind the appearance of things; they approached man, as
      it were, through the red or blue color, or the tone of c-sharp or g.
      Since this transference of thoughts, man feels a freer association
      with the world of thoughts. This also gives rise to the illusion that
      man himself produces the thoughts." (16 Mar. 1923, in: The Inner
      Nature of Music..., 1983, pp.79-85)

      "The time has come when man must become conscious again of these
      matters, because otherwise the soul qualities of human nature will
      simply deteriorate. Through the increasingly intellectual, one-sided
      form of knowledge, man of today and ion the immediate future would
      have to become arid in his soul; the arts, grown one-sided, would
      dull his soul; and one-sided religion would drain him of his soul
      altogether, if he were unable to find the path that could lead him to
      an inner harmony and union of these three; if he could not find a way
      to rise himself – in a more conscious way than was formerly the case –
      and once again see and hear the supersensible together with the
      sense world." (Ibid, pg.90)
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