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Holy nights study

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  • Pierre Gringiore
    ... ******* Dr Starman made this suggestion because a number of people, including myself, have shown a continued interest in developing an understanding of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2003
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      Morgan Vierheller wrote:
      > Is there anyone else that feels that astrology is
      > what is wanted for the Holy Nights study?
      Dr Starman made this suggestion because a number of people, including myself, have shown a continued interest in developing an understanding of astrology based on the indications given by Dr Steiner.  In addition, a number requested information regarding which lectures would be useful towards this end.  And so the suggestion arose I think from a genuine desire to accommodate people's interests.
      Speaking personally, I have been trying to study the Zodiac in more detail.  Although there is an obvious connection between the progression of the sun through Zodiac and our experience of seasonal changes, the Zodiac contains images that are much more animated than one would otherwise associate with the seasons.  In my view that is why an understanding of the zodiac needs to be supplemented by spiritual science.
      Rick Bobbette's recent post (4th Dec: 'Astrosophy - History') gives another side to this study.  In my own attempts to get to grips with the subject I have continually come up against what is available through 'traditional' sources and found them either wanting or confusing.  Quite often, what has been handed down by history amounts to empty formalism -- phrases repeated without any interest or concern as to whether they have any reality behind them.  Unless a genuine understanding of astrology is developed through spiritual science, I suspect what is available in the world will develop even more in this direction.  Perhaps this is why I think the subject is worth pursuing: the alternative to the Copernican or Materialistic world conception is not a better form of the same, but one founded on an altogether different set of precepts.  Dr. Steiner hints at this new, emergent relationship to astrology in the last lecture in 'Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe'.
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