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Spiritual Battles

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  • rickbobbs
    Dear Folks; I really think that some other aspects need to be added to any discussion of Steiner s view of `spiritual battles . The first thing is.....they are
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2003
      Dear Folks;

      I really think that some other aspects need to be added to any
      discussion of Steiner's view of `spiritual battles'. The first thing
      is.....they are not physical! Of course the materialists of all
      stripes won't know what to make of that, but even a cursory (dare I
      say, immature) reading of Steiner shows that he reports the physical
      as, fundamentally, unjustified and that this is the reason it is
      destructible and will be (is continually being) destroyed. So what we
      are to enter on, from the Christ event more and more, is the
      elevation of disagreements and contests to the first spiritual realm,
      that of thought. Far from agreeing with or condoning physical warfare
      (or even contests) Steiner repeatedly said that these are more and
      more out of date, and therefore become more and more evil.

      Reference to his discussions of the Bhagavad Gita as in any way
      reflecting views justified for current times is... malinformed. He
      explicitly notes that this battle was the signal for the end of the
      old group souls developed along blood-lines. Physical battles before
      the Christ event occurred when human souls were not so attentive, or
      did not feel so related to, the physical world, and these bloody
      contests did not have at all the same implications as these tragedies
      have for people nowadays, who are wedded more and more to the
      physical; unless they make strong personal efforts otherwise.
      Check out wn.elib.com/Steiner/Lectures/BhagPaul/BhaPau_index.html

      Take care, and give care. Rick
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