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Christmas constellation question

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  • rickbobbs
    Dear Folks; I have come across a reference by Steiner to the spiritual Sun standing in the constellation Virgo at the time of the original Christmas. This is
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      Dear Folks;

      I have come across a reference by Steiner to the spiritual Sun
      standing in the constellation Virgo at the time of the original
      Christmas. This is not in accord with his, or anyone elses, zodiac
      definitions, so far as I can see. The pertinent quotes are below. I'd
      like to mention that the spiritual Sun at midnight is quite in accord
      with several othe descriptions given by Steiner, as is his
      announcement of the end of traditional astrology... only the
      spiritual Sun he has described as opposite the physical Sun, and
      Virgo does not work here, or am I missing something?

      "Nevertheless, my dear friends, The Mystery of the Incarnation by
      the Holy Spirit through the Virgin begins to exert its influence from
      the time of the Mystery of Golgotha; in another sense it had made
      itself felt before this event. Those who brought the symbolic gifts
      of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to the Babe lying in the manger knew
      of the Christmas Mystery of the Virgin Birth through the ancient
      science of the stars. The Magi who brought the gifts of Gold,
      Frankincense and Myrrh were, in the sense of the old wisdom,
      astrologers, they had knowledge of those spiritual processes that
      work in the Cosmos when certain signs appear in the starry heavens.
      One such sign they recognized when, in the night of December 24th-
      25th, in the year which we today regard as that of the birth of
      Jesus, the cosmic symbol of the Redeemer, the Sun, shone towards the
      Earth from the constellation of the Virgin. They said: `When the
      constellation of the heavens is such that the Sun stand in Virgo in
      th night of the 24th-25th December, then an important change will
      take place in the Earth....

      "This was the belief held for thousands of years, and as the Magi
      felt compelled to lay at the feet of the Holy Child the wisdom of the
      Gods, the virtues of man, and the realization of human immortality,
      symbolically expressed in the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, something
      was repeated as a historical event which had been expressed
      symbolically in innumerable mysteries and in countless sacrificial
      rituals for thousands of years. There had been presented in these
      mysteries and rituals a prophetic indication of the event that would
      take place when the Sun stood at midnight of December 24th-25th in
      the sign of the Virgin; for gold, frankincense and myrrh were then
      also offered on this holy night to the symbol of the divine child
      preserved in ancient temples as the representative of the Sun." (23
      Dec. 1917, in: Et Incarnatus est... The Time-cycle in Historic
      Events, pp.1-3, unpubl. Typescript courtesy RSL)

      "...What did the Magi from the east desire when they brought the
      divine gifts of Wisdom, Virtue and Immortality to the manger, after
      the event the sign of which appeared to them in the skies during the
      night of December 24th-25th in the first year of our era? What was it
      these wise men from the east wished to do? They wanted, by this act,
      to furnish direct historical proof that they had grasped the fact
      that from this time onward, those powers who had hitherto radiated
      their forces down to Earth from the Cosmos were no longer accessible
      to man in the old way – that is, by gazing into the skies, by
      studying the starry constellations. They wished to show that Christ
      had descended from regions out of which the Sun comes into the
      constellation of Virgo, out of which all the varied powers of the
      starry constellations proceed, which enable the Microcosm to appear
      as a copy of the Macrocosm. They wished to show that this Spirit now
      enters directly into earthly evolution, that earthly evolution can
      henceforth only be understood by inner wisdom – in the same way as
      the starry constellations were formerly understood. This was what the
      Magi wished to show, and of this fact humanity of today must be ever

      "To those who wish, reverently and sincerely, to tune their
      thoughts in harmony with the Mystery of Golgotha, the period between
      Christmas and Easter is seen as a picture of the 33 years of Christ's
      life on Earth. Previous to the Mystery of Golgotha with which I
      include the Mystery of Christmas, the Magi studied the heavens when
      they wished to investigate the secrets of human evolution or any
      other mysterious event. They studied the constellations and the
      relative positions of the heavenly bodies revealed to them the nature
      of events taking place on earth. But at that moment when they became
      aware of the important event that was happening on earth, by the sign
      given to them through the popsition of the Sun in Virgo on the 24th-
      25th December, they said: `From this time onwards the heavenly
      constellations themselves will be directly revealed in human affairs
      on earth.'
      "Can the starry constellations be perceived in human affairs? My
      dear friends, this perception is now demanded of us, the ability to
      read what is revealed through the wonderful `key' which is given us
      in the Mysteries of the Christian Year, which are the epitome of all
      the mysteries of the year of other peoples and times. The time
      interval between Christmas and Easter is to be understood as
      consisting of 33 years. This is the key. What does this mean? That
      the Christmas festival celebrated this year belongs to the Easter
      festival that follows 33 years later, while the Easter festival we
      celebrate this year belongs to the Christmas of 1884. (This lecture
      was given 1917) In 1884 humanity celebrated a Christmas festival
      which really belongs to the Easter of this year (1917), and the
      Christmas festival we celebrate this year belongs, not to the Easter
      of next spring, but to the one 33 years hence (1950). According to
      our reckoning, this period – 33 years – is the period of a human
      generation; thus a complete generation of humanity must elapse
      between Christmas festivals and the Easter festivals that are
      connected with them. That is the key, my dear friends, for reading
      the new astrology, in which attention is directed to the stars which
      shine within the historical evolution of humanity itself.
      "Now how can this be fulfilled? It can be fulfilled by human
      beings using the Christmas festival in order to realize that events
      happening at approximately the present time (we can only say
      approximately in such matters) refer back in their historical
      connections in such a way that we are able to perceive their
      birthdays or beginnings in the events of 33 years ago, and that the
      events of today also provide a birthday or beginning for events which
      will ripen to fruition in the course of the next 33 years. Personal
      karma rules in our individual lives. In this field each one is
      responsible for himself; here he must endure whatever lies in his
      karma and must expect a direct karmic connection between past events
      and their subsequent consequences.
      "But how do things stand with regard to historical associations?
      Historical connections at the present time are of such a nature that
      we can neither perceive nor understand the real significance of any
      event that is taking place today (1917) unless we refer back to the
      time of its corresponding Christmas Year, that is 1884. For the year
      1914 we must therefore look back to 1881. All the actions of earlier
      generations, all the impulses, their combined activity poured into
      the stream of historic evolution, have a life cycle of 33 years. Then
      comes its Easter time, the time of resurrection..." (Ibid, pp.10-13)

      Any help or leads would be appreciated, Rick.
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