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  • rickbobbs
    Dear Folks; I d just like to mention one thing that took me a while to discriminate with Steiner, which is his different, though related, usage of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2003
      Dear Folks;

      I'd just like to mention one thing that took me a while to
      discriminate with Steiner, which is his different, though related,
      usage of the "evolutionary planets" contrasted with the "current
      planets" of our times. For a long time, the most references I found
      to the days of the week were related to the evolutionary planets,
      with the evolutionary Earth stage being divide into Mars (mardi) and
      Mercury (mercredi) due to their decisive influence in respectively
      the first half, and second half of Earth evolution.

      In fact, so far, the only direct reference to the naming of the days
      of the week in accord with the current planets is the following,
      really rather interesting, account:

      11 Nov. 1904
      "The days of the week are named after the Planets. We shall learn how
      the names were given by the Chaldean sages. These Chaldean sages say
      that every day is divided into four: morning, afternoon, before
      midnight, after midnight. These four divisions they regarded as the
      first element in time, in the division of time. They related the
      fourfold day to the seven known Planets.
      "Moon Mercury Venus Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn
      "They described the cycle of the seven planets by relating it to the
      fourfold day, until the starting-point is again reached. They took a
      number of days one after another, making the planetary cycles run
      through the fourfold days. They dedicated the morning to the Moon. At
      the end of the week each Planet has gone through a fourfold cycle.
      They named each day of the week according to the Planet to which the
      morning was dedicated.
      Morning Moon Monday, montag
      Afternoon Mercury
      Before midnight Venus
      After midnight Sun

      and so forth. Tuesday is Marsday (Tiu); Wednesday is Mercury day;
      Thursday is Jupiter day, Donar; Friday is Venus day, Freya; Saturday
      is Saturn day; Sunday is Sun day.
      Commercial civilization has no understanding for the naming of the
      days of the week according to the Planets. There is a very special
      relation to be noticed in this connection, namely, from four to
      seven, from the Quaternary to the Seven Principles. The giving of the
      names to the days of the week is a human institution, but it is not
      arbitrary. In those olden times men allowed the cosmic conditions to
      resound from all things, and their institutions were in accordance
      with the relation of the Microcosm to the Macrocosm." (Planetary and
      Human Evolution, pp.13/1-13/2, unpubl typescript courtesy RSL)

      The required Ptolemaic order of Mercury and Venus in this scheme puts
      some of the assertions of Astrosophers in a clearer light.

      I would certainly appreciate notice of any other direct references by
      Steiner to the relation of the weekly day names with the current

      Take care, and give care, Rick
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