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  • lilolemissy
    Hi, Renee! :) I m so very glad to see a resurgence of AP in Nawlins and of course you wouldn t expected to be familiar with Wannamaker since he was one of the
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 26, 2003
      Hi, Renee! :)
      I'm so very glad to see a resurgence of AP in Nawlins and of course you wouldn't expected to be familiar with Wannamaker since he was one of the "early pioneers," so to say, in AP. I don't believe he was a native of the city even while living there, and I came across something about him due to his having translated or written something by or about Steiner. I believe he was born in China of missionary parents and had quite a wonderfully eventful life in many varying areas of the world.
      I believe the Bobby Matherne you mention might be the one from Luling now living on West Bank, who has for some years written many book reviews on "the interests of the day" for his home printing business? If I remember correctly he "skims a given book's highlights", so to say, while selling some sort of psychological method named Doylectics as his main pursuit? 
      So far, Renee, my sister may still lean more toward Edgar Cayce than Steiner - ACK! As very young searchers we both began with Cayce but I soon found Steiner - HOORAY - but I'm "casually" sending her this or that RS work, saying "This is an extra and I can't bear to just throw it away..."  To be truthful, I feel like gluing the "seeds" into place, but she's tougher than I am! :) It seems I may be seeing a few cracks in her armor now and then, so there's hope yet!!!!
      I do want to thank you for your precious offer to contact her, and who knows? Some seeds may hopefully begin to "sprout!"

      Dear Sheila,
      Thanks for the welcome! 
      I was quite surprised by the interest in Steiner in New Orleans.  I am not familiar with Olin Wannamaker but many of you might know Bobby Matherne who hails form this great city.  His Steiner book reviews are posted on www.doyletics.com/arj.  He does an outstanding job on these reviews!
      Is your sister interested in Steiner, also?  The group isn't easy to find, so if she is interested I could call her.
      Hope I can sent this without having to try three times!  
      lilolemissy <lilolemissy@...> wrote:
      Dear Renee,
      What a joy to hear from you and to hear about your keen interest in Steiner! New Orleans is where I grew up, and my sister is now in Metairie, but many years ago N.O. was far more active in Anthroposophy than perhaps now - at least one of the "wise oldtimers" lived there for awhile, Olin Wannamaker, and you may find his name here or there as having translated various Steiner lectures/books.
      It seems some of us have had some difficulty sending postings to our list, since the words below the "ad" following our signatures gives the wrong address, and for awhile yahoo.com itself was causing difficulties. steiner@yahoogroups.com is the correct address and the one you came through on! HOORAY!

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      <reneelattimore@y...> wrote:


      My name is Renee and I a fairly new to this group having first come
      on in October, 2003.  I am also new to YahooMail.com and have been
      having trouble getting this post sent. 

      I have read most of Rudolf Steiner's books and several of
      his "books" from his lectures.  I truly love reading all things
      Steiner, and I have been enjoying the discussions on this list.  I
      especially like the ties to astrology.   Because of the problems you
      all have been having with the list, perhaps it is time to introduce
      myself to the group and give up "lurking" in the shadows.

      I have been fortunate to have found a Steiner Study Group in the New
      Orleans area and have met some wonderful, interesting and caring
      friends.  We also choose a book to study for Holy Nights, usually
      one of Steiners books on the gospels.  I would love to be a part of
      the discussions if you start at the end of this month.

      I hope this post goes through this time.  I would hate to be
      considered a spammer!

      Renee Lattimore

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