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  • lilolemissy
    Morgan, please forgive me for leaving out your name regarding Deus - GASP! And JP, my apologies...just goes to show you - uh - me, that is, to get out of my
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      Morgan, please forgive me for leaving out your name regarding Deus - GASP! And JP, my apologies...just goes to show you - uh - me, that is, to get out of my habit of doing a dozen things all at the same time without any brains! ACK!
      sheila [blush]

      Dear Pierre and All,
      Thank you for this - and also thanks to JP for his explanation of Deus.
      *Man: Hieroglypy of the Universe* is one of those profound works leaving me feel "stuffed," if that makes any sense. I feel as though I have truly begun to "digest" solid sustenance with that particular work more than with some, although this by no means is the only Steiner work to leave me in this state. I greatly appreciate your bringing all this to our attention, and am grateful for the photo also, which I was totally unaware of.

      I have been reading the lecture series 'Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe' (Dr Starman mentioned this in a previous post). In Lecture Seven, Dr. Steiner mentions that each day of the week corresponds to one of the seven planets. The more obvious ones are mentioned: Saturday - Saturn, Sunday - Sun, Monday - Moon. Two further days can be traced without much difficulty through their etymological meanings. Friday: Frigedaeg or Fria, Goddess of Love corresponds to Venus. Tuesday: Tiwesdaeg or Tiw, God of War corresponds to Mars. The last two are more difficult: Thursday: Thursdagr, Thor or Jovis corresponds to Jupiter. Wednesday: Wodensdaeg or Woden corresponds to Mercury. Incidentally, the word 'day' is derived from Deus or 'god'.

      I also came across a copy of Fred Getting's 'Secret Symbolism in Occult Art' in a local second-hand bookshop. Plate 193 (I do not have a scanner) shows an illustration from a Sixteenth Century 'English Shepherd's Calendar'. The illustration not only associates the days with their corresponding planets, but places 'Sunday' in the middle, rather than at the end of the week. Mars and Venus are placed on either side, then Jupiter and Mercury, then Saturn and Moon. The symbiotic relationship between the superior and inferior planets is maintained.

      Of further interest: In Lecture Nine, Dr Steiner refers to the rulership of the Moon to the lower limbs, and of the region of the larynx -- the meeting-point of the higher limbs -- being associated with Mars. In connection with this, the illustration 'Unregenerate Man' by Georg Gichtel (1799) shows this relationship, with each of the planets linked by means of a spiral. I have included a copy (not the original) below.  You will need to enlarge it to see it clearly.

      One personal comment: The Copernican Cosmology destroys this relationship entirely. For me, this is the area where Materialism fails humanity most of all -- it is simply not possible to work from the Copernican conception to an understanding of the inner nature of man. It is self-knowledge that is lacking above all in modern humanity.

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