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Re: [steiner] Hello, I'm new to this list

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... ********Welcome to the only real Steiner discussion e-list I know, Lee. The Rudolf Steiner 101 list has been inactive for some time--- which is a shame,
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 7, 2003
      leeanoonan@... writes:
      My name is Lee Noonan.  I live in Forest Row , England, where my son
      attends Michael Hall Steiner Waldorf School and my wife studies
      Eurythmy.  My purpose is in joining Steiner related email lists is to
      study Anthroposophy.   At yahoo I have found several Steiner related
      1 Anthroposophy      not very active
      2 Ark           not very active
      3 Steiner         quite active
      4 Steinerstudy      quite active
      5 RudolfSteiner101    not very active
      As my interest is study lists I'll probably post more oftern to 4 and
      5 and lurk on the other lists.
      I have posted some questions to the RudolfSteiner101 group which
      doesn't seem very active.   I hadn't found the Steiner Study list at
      that point

      ********Welcome to the only real Steiner discussion e-list I know, Lee. The 'Rudolf Steiner 101' list has been inactive for some time--- which is a shame, as a place for basic study of Steiner is needed--- so I try to encourage our members to fill that need here. (We study a book together every year for the 12 Holy Nights, for instance.) The so-called 'anthroposophy' list (like its sister 'spiritual science' list) is run by people who claim to 'channel' the White Brotherhood, but their prolix messages from 'the Brothers' are really just stuff from someone's subconscious IMHO. Anthroposophy, of course, has nothing to do with 'channeling'. (It's a pity they have the monopoly on the names anthoposophy and spiritual science here at Yahoo!, so people will find those lists and perhaps think what's on them has anything to do with Steiner--- but oh well, that's the way it goes.) I think the SteinerStudy list was started to study Steiner's philosophical work.

          Besides Yahoogroups, there is a list allegedly for science from out of anthroposophy, 'anthropos-science', whose moderator stifled all discussion of everything by ruling it all "off-topic" to the point where no one now posts ANYTHING. The same is the case with its companion list, which was started specifically so "off-topic" posts from 'anthropos-science' COULD be discussed, 'anthropos-views': no one posts anything on it anymore either. There is also a list called Rudolf Steiner Cafe but it's also dead, and one called 'Inipur' which I'm not sure about. Then there are several specifically for Waldorf Education, and one or two for Bio-Dynamics. Of course, new ones could be being started all the time; Franky, our eurythmist here, recently started one or two specifically for people using the Calendar of the Soul.

         It's a shame that some people have stifled this new 21st century way of communicating, when you think what it could be---using it to spread spiritual science is a truly Michaelic use of technology. But we will keep growing it here. In order to prevent the sorts of things from happening here that I've seen on other lists, I consider politics off-topic--- but apart from that anything goes. We have currently been discussing astrology and 'astrosophy'. If you'll look in our archives (which are easily reached from our group web site----just click on "Messages"), you'll find group study of the Philosophie der Freiheit, Christianity As Mystical Fact, Theosophy, the Gospel of St. John lectures, and more.

          Also, just a note to all: Yahoo has informed us that attachments to old messages will no longer be saved in the Message index. If you want people joining the group in the future to be able to access images like JPEGS , you'll have to upload them to the group Files section in order to have them preserved.

      Dr. Starman
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