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Re: [steiner] Celebrating Michaelmas & the stars

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    ... and conjunct Uranus in Pisces foreshadows violence connected to revolutionary changes in world religions, which Uranus will bring over the next 7 years.”
    Message 1 of 39 , Oct 3, 2003

      JP@... writes:
      Dr. Starman,
      You wrote, “Mars in Aquarius always has to do with revolutionary things -- and conjunct Uranus in Pisces foreshadows violence connected to revolutionary changes in world religions, which Uranus will bring over the next 7 years.” 
      Can you say a little about how one comes to such thoughts in general, and to these two in particular? 
      -- Joseph Proskauer

      *******Uranus always brings extreme and radical change wherever it moves, as you'll find stated in the Edgar Cayce Readings and in many astrological sources; Steiner described the planets beyond Saturn as being radically different from those making up the ancient 7, which fits. Pisces has to do with religion in general and with the Hebrew people and the Middle East in particular (the conjunction in Pisces led the Zoroastrian 'Wise Men'  to Bethlehem, as it heralded the rebirth of their Master). The 1920s, when Steiner founded the Christian Community, when Yogananda was active in the US, etc., was the last time Uranus passed through Pisces, bringing new and different impulses into religion.
         Now (2003) it has just entered again for another 7-year transit, and I connect this with the pressing need to bring Islam out of the dark ages. There will be great changes in the religious life of the world in this period.
         Mars did its retrograde loop right near it as well, showing the connection of war and violence with this radical religious change. We astrosophers need to, as the Master said, 'read the signs of the times.'
      Dr. Starman

      JP@... writes:
      Dr. Starman,
      If I am understanding you, the main source of these insights is traditional (written?) "astrological sources," supplemented by a search for historical correspondences. 
      Is that right?

      *******Not at all. The source is intuition. One "comes to such thoughts" by 'reading the signs', as I said. What I gave were examples of confirmations of reading the occult script.

      Further questions: 
      Besides the Edgar Casey readings, what are some of the primary traditional sources? 
      Where, for example, is the earliest known origin of the thought, "Mars in Aquarius always has to do with revolutionary things"? 
      Can anything be said about how such thoughts arose? 

      ******MUCH has been said--- in Steiner's books. And it's not just from reading documents. The primary traditional sources of occult truths were oral, the 'secret doctrine'. You won't find much written down in olden times, but traditions passed on orally in initiation schools were then committed to paper down through the centuries. Steiner pointed to quite a few of these, Renaissance-era Rosicrucian astrologers such as Agrippa, Trithemius von Spondheim, etc. He'd read them all. But only pursuing the inner path of transforming one's consciousness unlocks the meanings of what they wrote for a reader.

      >>Are there instances where historical (or biographical) observation was the source of such a 'law,' or where such observation 'corrected' an earlier law?   
      (Earlier, you wrote, "all ancient religions, from out of their direct experience of the gods, knew how to work out the timing of their rituals from this perception, which was the source of all sacred calendars and seasonal rituals, and this divine knowledge of "signs and seasons" was also used to understand the nature of souls born at this or that time. That was the source of all ancient astrology .  .  . "  I am looking for anything that might add some specificity to this picture.  Where, for example are the earliest sources we know of and rely on regarding  the qualities of Mars, of Aquarius, and of the relation you describe?  Are there later sources that added previously unknown or unpublished ideas?)
                                   Joseph Proskauer
      ********You could go as far back into history as you wished to find the written origin of the description of the nature of the planet Mars----it was always described as the God of War. It goes back to the 'War in Heaven' that can be experienced by working with anthroposophy's description of the formation of the solar system, when the formation of that world and Jupiter destroyed a planet between them that had been taken over by the fallen beings, whose remains are the asteroids.

          But seeking the origin of astrology in a logical consciousness such as our modern one is a fruitless quest. That's not where it came from, but rather from a very different form of consciousness which experiences all things, including these words and the words in Steiner's books, like An Outline of Occult Science, in a very different way than logic and calculating.

    • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
      A subject within this subject matter: The southern cross constellation. Was that an ancient cross buried within the earth perhaps either in Lemerian or
      Message 39 of 39 , Nov 21, 2003
        A subject within this subject matter:  The southern cross constellation.  Was that an ancient cross buried within the earth perhaps either in Lemerian or Atlantean time?  When the trees used to fly along with humans and the trees were some type of healing form.  Then some wise guys got bored one day and cut that tree down and it became the southern cross which became the southern cross constellation. 
         Some people were actually killed with that southern cross (tree) because they were trying to save it from harm.  These ancient Atlanteans or Lemurians were buried along with it inside of it.  Some of these people in human form today experience pain in the middle of the shoulder blades as a result of this galactic drama.  Has anybody heard anything similar to it or make some sense out of it?  It is very interesting to me.  I have this pain in the middle of my shoulder blades as well.  It has become a seasonal thing.  Every June of the year as summer really approaches it flares up so badly I can barely function.  Chantel
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