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Re: [steiner] Celebrating Michaelmas & the stars

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... Now, in Anthroposophy we start with the ordinary intellect and are led step-by-step into perceiving higher realities through our thinking. This is the case
    Message 1 of 39 , Sep 21, 2003

      >Durward Starman wrote:
      >   As Michaelmas approaches (the festival Steiner said we need so much to start celebrating again in our time), I was wondering if people would like to do anything together for it...
      >I would like to suggest the period could be used to inaugurate the following discussion:
      >How might we come to a proper understanding of astrology?
      >This would interest me personally, and also I suspect, be
      instructive generally.  There is much misunderstanding about
      astrology, partly because the subject is treated with contempt by materialism, and also partly because much that exists is debased owing to the steady decline of atavistic clairvoyance.
      >As regards my personal interest, although I have read Anthroposophy for more than twenty years, my interest in astrology is only a recent development.  I am therefore a novice in this particular field.  And it is quite a field too.  There is the mathematics of drawing a birth chart, an understanding of the special nature of each of the planets and the signs of the zodiac, the relationship of human beings to the stars, and the use and development of intuition as a means to arrive at reliable direct personal knowledge...

      [Background:  Pierre Gringiore suggested a theme for Michaelmas:  “How might we come to a proper understanding of astrology?”  Among the questions he mentioned were “an understanding of the special nature of each of the planets and the signs of the zodiac, the relationship of human beings to the stars, and the use and development of intuition as a means to arrive at reliable direct personal knowledge.” 
      Dr. Starman outlined the historical development, “in which the ancient clairvoyance was lost and replaced by the intellect .  .  . reduc[ing] what had come from an inspired source to a series of formulas and calculations.”  He continued, “The modern initiate can go beyond what has been handed down in this way to the actual sources, to the spiritual beings themselves.  .  .  . But in order to have a real astrology that goes beyond mere intellect and calculation using old formulas, people have to pursue the development of this new clairvoyance.”] ...

      *******Let's go further then. First, I'd like to say that something which all the 'Astrosophy' I have read so far lacks is much of anything that can be of use to an individual to understand his personal horoscope. It also is extremely abstract and heavy on scientific and philosophical lecturing. I don't find that to be the case with Steiner's astrology. It's very straightforward to anyone who reads with intuition.

         The main things I have read so far that distinguish Astrosophy from astrology are: there is some experimenting with heliocentric charts instead of geocentric ones, there is an understanding about the great ages of humanity's evolution derived from the movements of the perihelion-aphelion points and nodes of the planets, there is a system of understanding the planets' movements from conception to birth and correlating these with influences brought over from past incarnations, there is an attempt to work out a new understanding of the planets in signs from their positions during the three years of Christ's ministry (at the various miracles), and there is advice given to people to study the famous personalities who were born on their birthdays and whom they thus have a 'synastry' with. Then Steiner talked about a spiritual astrology which he contrasted with physical astrology, where the sextile aspect is evil instead of good, for instance (in Human and Cosmic Thought).

         But for any occultist who already has insight into astrology, Steiner confirmed quite a lot of it. I can't help but feel that most anthroposophists are so alienated from ordinary astrology that they undervalue it, and that's why they feel they have to emphasize all these other techniques, to make the point that what they are doing is something different than the common herd.  But astrology isn't in the techniques.  Mere formulas used by the intellect are not astrology. The horoscope is merely a vehicle for attuning to a person's soul and spirit and giving them whatever may be of help to understanding themselves better.

      Now, in Anthroposophy we start with the ordinary intellect and are led step-by-step into perceiving higher realities through our thinking. This is the case with the higher parts of the human being, for instance in the book Theosophy, as well as the hierarchies of being above man, for instance in An Outline of Occult Science. These are the same realities described, for instance, by the ancient Vedic religion as the seven chakras, and in the Kabbalah as the Tree of Life.

      The associations of the spheres of the Tree of Life with the planets were worked out by the Order of the Golden Dawn, before Steiner ever began lecturing.

         The physical body is pictured as the Earth. It is the 4 elements, the equal-armed cross within a circle. In the horoscope, this is the rising sign or ascendant, or more accurately it is what four signs are rising, setting, directly above and directly below, included in which is any planets which happen to be at those four points. Thus, the  condition of the physical body is indicated by what is rising, setting, culminating and at the nadir of an individual's horoscope---especially what is rising.

          The etheric body of life forces extends slightly outside of the earth, to the sphere of the moon. The condition of a person's etheric body is indicated by the moon in their horoscope, what's sign it's in, its phase (relation to the sun), and strong aspects to other planets, especially conjunctions. The Moon is the symbol for the etheric body.

          The Ego of a human being is symbolized by the Sun. There are 12 soul patterns, and in each lifetime the ego takes on one of them--- the Sun sign. The condition of the Ego is indicated by the sun's sign, house, and aspects to other planets.

         Between the ego and the etheric body is the astral body. The astral body is said to have a higher and a lower part: these two parts are symbolized by the planets "between the sun and the moon", Mercury and Venus. One of these can be considered the sentient soul and one the soul body, or in another sense one is sentient soul and one the intellectual soul. They have to do with the left and right halves of the body, and the two brains. Mercury has to do with the left brain and Venus the right brain. Mercury shows how a person structures his thinking into speech. Venus shows what he finds beautiful and loves. These two are always near the sun, just as the astral body is always united to the ego.

         Here is where matters get tricky. Taking the parts of Man and putting them into a linear diagram always creates problems, because the reality is more like the intervals of the musical scale. You have to have flexibility of thinking. Here's one way to put it: leaving aside the combination of all of the planetary influences which is the earthly physical body for a moment, we have the Sun representing the true self and three lower parts, the "inner planets", Venus Mercury and the Moon.

          Now, when the higher astral body is transmuted by the ego, it becomes Manas or spirit self: that is, Venus, when transmuted, becomes Mars. This is why Mars rules the signs in the sky opposite those which Venus rules. When the lower astral body is transmuted by the ego, it becomes Buddhi or life spirit. Mercury is transmuted into Jupiter--- and the same thing is found, the signs Mercury rules are opposite those of Jupiter. When the work of the ego extends all the way down to the moon level, the etheric body, the Moon is transmuted into Saturn (Atma).

          A person who has reached the level of spirit self will have it show in his horoscope by the strong influence of the planet Mars---- the sun conjunct Mars, or Mars conjunct the ascendent. A person who has reached the level of Buddhi will show it in his horoscope by the prominence of the planet Jupiter. A person reaching the highest level of Atman shows it by the planet Saturn. A person in the process of transmuting his astral body into spirit self who has one part transmuted and another not, will show this by Venus opposing or squaring Mars, for instance.

         The outermost planets -- -- -- Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto -- -- -- are a quite different matter, and so I have left them out of consideration here. They have a relation to the outer planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, just as the outer planets are a mirror image of the inner planets.

         Thus the very elementary facts of Anthroposophy, when read aright, give the key to an understanding of the various elements of a horoscope, the planets. Hopefully we can discuss this without the dismal familiar response that I'm "distorting Anthroposophy." I am not. I've been testing this for over 25 years. I'd be happy to share with you what I've worked out, and I have confidence that if you examine it you'll find it makes sense out of everything Steiner says about the planets and their nature.

         Next I'll make some diagrams about the astronomy of casting a horoscope, to make these things clearer -- -- -- and I'll also point out where Steiner gives the key to all of astrology ----in a footnote to An Outline of Occult Science! He intended people to work all this out for themselves and I have, and here in this forum I don't think I have to worry about revealing things that he made cryptic deliberately. All of you who have worked with the basic books and lectures will begin to see if all for yourself easily.
      I'm sure some other anthroposophists have also worked this out, too. I just haven't run across them yet. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.
    • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
      A subject within this subject matter: The southern cross constellation. Was that an ancient cross buried within the earth perhaps either in Lemerian or
      Message 39 of 39 , Nov 21, 2003
        A subject within this subject matter:  The southern cross constellation.  Was that an ancient cross buried within the earth perhaps either in Lemerian or Atlantean time?  When the trees used to fly along with humans and the trees were some type of healing form.  Then some wise guys got bored one day and cut that tree down and it became the southern cross which became the southern cross constellation. 
         Some people were actually killed with that southern cross (tree) because they were trying to save it from harm.  These ancient Atlanteans or Lemurians were buried along with it inside of it.  Some of these people in human form today experience pain in the middle of the shoulder blades as a result of this galactic drama.  Has anybody heard anything similar to it or make some sense out of it?  It is very interesting to me.  I have this pain in the middle of my shoulder blades as well.  It has become a seasonal thing.  Every June of the year as summer really approaches it flares up so badly I can barely function.  Chantel
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