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  • LilOleMissy
    Br. Ron, as always your true pearls of wisdom shine in the darkest blackness as well as bleakness! I say, GO MEL GO! in the loudest possible shouts while
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 20, 2003
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      Br. Ron, as always your true pearls of wisdom shine in the darkest blackness as well as bleakness! I say, "GO MEL GO!" in the loudest possible shouts while watching the "adversarial powers" heaping upon it scorn, denigration and that worn out "catch all" of Racism. I've mulled to myself that even if no one perceives the truth of the Crucifixion in Gibson's work, they at least might gain some appreciation of a graphic view of actual deeds inflicted upon an innocent. At least there might be left some residue to build upon in the future.
      Sacrifice? It's everywhere, should one look carefully, with the classic example of the mother protecting her young against all harm without thought of any consequences to herself. In general, however, perhaps you are most correct than not.
      Wasn't it Eurypides who "sacrificed" himself into Mt. Etna? But was that a sacrifice in the true sense of the word, or a desire to become one with the elements? There is much to reflect upon in your wisdom for which I gratefully send you thanks.
      Mel Gibson's new movie The Passion certainly is stirring
      quite a ruckus.
      The movie forces the issue of Sacrifice.
      We hate sacrifice because it infers pain...and pain must
      under all circumstances be placed in denial, no? 
      Even the ancients knew this to be the one Truth that just
      wouldn't go away. (No doubt, it would have been a higher gift
      for the chief to throw himself into the volcano rather than seizing
      upon the local virgin...but at least he sensed the shadow of sacrifice...
      if not it's reality :-) 
      In this movie, Mel seeks to bring pain out of the dungeon
      into the light so we can make peace with it.
      The Principle of Sacrifice doesn't care how spiritually
      astute I am. It doesn't give a tinkers hoot about my high
      falutin' self obsessed, "new" ideas as to the nature of Truth.
      Sacrifice is primal and transcends all other laws and boundaries.
      Have you ever noticed how we as brilliant social liberals couldn't 
      even manage our own love lives and personal relationships?
      Our understandings of Sacrifice were inverted and our families
      suffered because of it.
      We didn't know how to sacrifice our lives to our mates but demanded
      it from them instead.. and even if we stayed together it became
      a loveless union born of mere habit...not dynamic interchange
      Then we, upon observing the failures of our personal loves, 
      turned even more to intellectual self-absorption and 'universalism'
      to help deny the pain of our own seared consciences.
      But now, we as seniors are awakening to this pain
      and are determined to equalize with it.
      Energetically, the adversarial forces have tried to soften the
      poignancy of The Passion and attempt to diffuse the
      cosmic and atomic mission of The Christ (and all the lessor
      masters of Sacrificial Love)
      But the Adversary's failure will not be so energetic as all such
      misguided philosophy usually arrives with a bang and ends
      with a whimper.
      We ALL will learn the Great Lesson of Mary
      Some joyfully.... Some not so joyfully
      Some know it already....Some are learning it...
      Some simply must wait until the gates of consciousness
      open through remorseful reflection upon the deathbed.
      Do your stuff, Mel.
      It's about damn time somebody did!
      Joy will be the Phoenix arising from the ashes
      of our denial.
      Br. Ron

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