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RE: [steiner] Re: "Resist Not Evil" (The Desert Cult)

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  • LilOleMissy
    Dear Rick and All, About Steiner s statements regarding the harm movies [and I d guess TV might also fall into the same category?] can cause, I don t recall
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 10, 2003
      Dear Rick and All,

      About Steiner's statements regarding the harm movies [and I'd guess TV
      might also fall into the same category?] can cause, I don't recall where I
      came across that point, but it seems to me he was speaking of the effects
      upon man and the Spiritual Worlds and Beings of the emotions elicited from
      us by this medium. In other words, our emotions, thoughts and feelings have
      a direct effect upon the spiritual worlds, and certainly movies bring these
      out as well as these not having a basis in fact since they are not due to
      real life experiences we have. I'd agree about recordings, Rick, which I
      seem to feel Steiner referred to as "canned" music, speech, etc. as opposed
      to a real performance seen and heard "in person." Since I've played piano
      most of my life, it was also interesting to me to read Steiner seemed to
      place the piano "lower on the scale" of musical instruments, but it seems
      to do with the absence of human breath [pneumotosophy, if I haven't errred
      in spelling] being involved as one would find in the wind instruments.
      Steiner seemed to me to compare music at times with the "Music of the
      Spheres," and he certainly loved good music.

      About the health issue I seemed to gain from "Human and Cosmic
      Metamorphosis," it was during the time I was working in medicine in
      relation to transplants and his words "liver is not always liver" opened up
      a vast world for me! I could "see," so to say, the world seemingly adapting
      to the concept of Body Parts Sold Here as we do to Auto Parts Sold Here -
      clear and simple without regard to the enormously vast spiritual
      implications involved. It's been my experience that most transplants are
      not often used for old sick rich people, but for children. It all gives me
      the feeling of Frankensteins being created, and for me it's an example of a
      seeming "good" actually being "harmful" instead.

      You mention SARS and West Nile Fever, both of which appear to be among the
      so-called "arising diseases," so to say, as is HIV/AIDS. Off and on there
      have been many diseases seemingly standing out more than perhaps others may
      be, and I wonder if perhaps the potential as well as the newness of such
      mostly "unheard of before" conditions may play a part in publicizing these
      things. The potential deadliness of these things is definitely to be taken
      seriously, it seems, as well as their seeming to be par for the course in
      some way for these current times. Twice I myself have survived pneumonia as
      well as other diseases and I feel many more exoteric as well as esoteric
      diseases will be playing far more important roles in our lives and in the
      world itself, but my feelings on these matters may perhaps be slanted due
      to my work.

      Next time, maybe we could hear more about your music? It's certainly a
      great part of my life.


      > >Dear Sheila, & Folks;
      > Thanks for the reply; I'd be very
      > interested in references to Steiner's other comments re: film. I know
      > that he warned about recordings as having deleterious, attractive
      > influences on departed souls (i.e., attracting them back to earthly
      > affairs), due to the penetrating power of voice, but I haven't
      > referenced that either. As a musician, I had an old prejudice
      > about 'dead guys' clogging up the industry, and disallowing the young
      > artists from making a reasonable living, or often even being heard;
      > but Steiner added quite another dimension to the problem!
      > I'd also appreciate your pointing to which Steiner comments
      > made you think of the issue of transplants as a 'health' method...
      > way back when, I wondered (and still do) how many otherwise healthy
      > children starve to death for the money spend keeping deathly
      > sick 'rich' folks going. Bad, bad Karma there. Also, have you
      > noticed? SARS and West Nile Virus are practically hysterical in the
      > press. I figure that's why the hundreds of sick US forces personnel
      > in Iraq have 'deadly pneumonia' instead of SARS - symptoms are the
      > same, death rate is the same (low), but if you said SARS, the press
      > would have to talk about it for months, whereas 'deadly pneumonia,
      > well... I've seen it reported once on CBS, then you don't have to
      > talk about it. And up here in Canada we've had 2 deaths from WNV...
      > but one of them was a 92 year old with pneumonia -But he died from
      > WEST NILE. Even a farce like that has to be talked up.
      > Take care and give care, Rick
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