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  • LilOleMissy
    Dear Sarah, WOW! I really want to thank you for the MRA information and you re right about the web site. I didn t have time to read it as thoroughly as I
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 18, 2003
      Dear Sarah,

      WOW! I really want to thank you for the MRA information and you're right
      about the web site. I didn't have time to read it as thoroughly as I intend
      to ASAP, but it certainly seems to go along with truly great concepts! I
      wonder if the Quakers are into it as well, even though Buchman apparently
      wasn't a Quaker at all. Didn't Steiner say something about the Quakers
      being the closest to Anthroposophy in their love and practices? I'll look
      into it more, and especially about the Forgiveness Factor the entire world
      might take to heart, and it seems to me it could well apply to the Epic of
      Gilgamesh with Ishtar's role which Steiner mentioned so often. He may have
      mentioned it in his "Gospel of St. Matthew," which I'm trying to digest bit
      by bit - AGAIN! :) Thanks, Gal! And besides all that coming as a Gift, I
      was happy to hear from you down there in beautiful Perth in the gorgeous
      land of OZ! I doubt that little tyke is so little any longer! Do you still
      have your web site?


      > Hi Sheila!
      > I don't know a lot about MRA. What I do know is it stands for Moral
      > Re-armament and has its headquarters in Switzerland. It originated in the
      > as The Oxford Group in the 1930s or 40s by Frank Buchman, and was inspired
      > by the World Wars of the time. Here's a website I just found that explains
      > it more thoroughly;
      > http://www.mraindia.org/mra.htm
      > There are more indepth websites that take more objective stances.
      > Today they have changed a lot from what they were and have instituted the
      > 'Forgiveness Factor', which encourages meetings between past rival
      > cultures/religions, ie forgiveness between Christians and Moslems, Black
      > White South Africans and so on.
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