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Re: [steiner] Re: Crusades

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  • LilOleMissy
    Dear Mathew, This is really exciting to me and I ve always been totally fascinated by this period of history! I seem to recall reading the Catholic Popes were
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      Dear Mathew,

      This is really exciting to me and I've always been totally fascinated by this
      period of history! I seem to recall reading the Catholic Popes were married
      at the time, and I so hope you will soon be coming down with "Writers' Itch"
      and place your thoughts within our reach. It's strange how vistages of
      Islamic thought seem to continue to persist in the Western world due to these
      Crusades in metamorphoses - Ah, Walter Scott's tales of knights, jostings, et
      al - but I think [?] Steiner speaks of the spread of Islam, or Mohammadism as
      I belive he may have phrased it - as it spread from the Moors of North Africa
      [as well as elsewhere, too] into Spain. ACK! Just think of the horrible
      Spanish Inquisition and the vast materialism seemingly arising from just this
      Islamic thought! Wasn't it Francis Bacon who influenced this spread to much?
      Regardless, it seems all good men of noble lineage made the trek to fight in
      the Crusades, and even now the Islamics of those ancient areanas so often
      seem to wish to compare today's US involvement in the Middle East as yet
      another Crusade. What is it Steiner says about such things repeating
      themselves only in a different way? This isn't to say the Iraq War and Middle
      Eastern turmoil is a modern Crusade based upon the old, but it's interesting
      how current events play out to some extent in the UR, so to say, or Biblical

      Thanks for letting us know you haven't forgotten. Not all of us have such a
      gift for writing!



      Mathew Morrell wrote:

      > Unfortunately I haven't got around to writing any thing substantial
      > on the Crusades or the Holy Wars. The only thing I've written thus
      > far on the subject is a few sentences that were contained in an essay
      > that got me into hot water with my English professor (who is actually
      > a pretty nice guy, by the way). He was apalled by my understanding
      > of the Holy Wars and how imperitive I thought they were in stopping
      > the expansion of Islamic culture. In less politically correct times,
      > even as little as ten-fifteen years ago, historian could actually
      > boast about the glories of Christian history. Now that has become
      > taboo. Christian Crusaders, clothed in full armour, drove Muslim
      > culture out of Spain and out of much of Europe and forced them
      > backwards into what is now their present positions in the Middle
      > East; and although violent attrocities occured, winning those long,
      > bloody, series of wars greatly benefitted Christendom.
      > Mathew Morrell
      > http://kcpost.net/
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