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Re: [steiner] The truth about my last threesome

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    I ve been enjoying these diversions. There is a tendency at times when in the midst of esoteric discussions to loosen a bit the connection between lofty
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 31, 2003
      I've been enjoying these diversions. There is a
      tendency at times when in the midst of esoteric
      discussions to loosen a bit the connection between
      lofty ideals and earthly ways and means. This seems
      especially so with the Internet where we are quite
      separated from one another in physical space and time.
      This loosening is something that is to be avoided
      generally in the Anthroposophic experience, which
      works to connect these poles.

      Hence, there appears to me a certain wisdom in these
      intrusions into our group. These are reminders of
      traffic that goes on constantly around us, on and off
      the Internet. Perhaps it fills our sacred halls of
      learning a bit with a certain perspective quite
      common, at least in fantasy, in our streets and towns.
      Whether we are currently working to evolve into
      higher forms of ourselves or not, the reality is that
      many of us have entertained fantasies such as these
      e-mails present, at least quietly/individually, at one
      time or another, particularly in adolescence. Some of
      us move forward to make lifestyles out of such
      imaginations, while others of us move to make
      lifestyles from imaginations gleaned in our
      Anthroposophic endeavors. (At this point in time when
      human hearts are rarely pure as gold, it seems the
      majority of us employ various bits of the multitude of
      imaginations in the world, creating a plethora of
      diverse combinations.)

      Evolution is inevitable, conscious or not. We are
      wise to pay attention to all the various ways those
      around us are evolving. As true as it is that none of
      us is as perfect as the ideal we strive to achieve, it
      is also true in the converse that none of us is as
      horrible as to be the perfect embodiment of evil
      (cataclysmic cosmic events excluded!). As clich´┐Ż as
      the thought has become since the smiley happy '70s, we
      each fill a part of the universal tapestry. These
      intrusions, misguided as they can appear, are also
      opportunities for insight and connection to other
      parts of this human experience. There would be no
      perception of the Christ impulse as salvation without
      a devil from which to be saved. It's good to be
      reminded from time to time to "keep it real" while
      indulging our desires for higher knowledge, however
      "real" might apply to "The truth about my last
      threesome," for we can find the Devil being too far
      above as we can find Satan too far below.

      --- LilOleMissy <lilolemissy@...> wrote:
      > Dear Friends,
      > Our group seems to be one microcosm of sorts for
      > what Steiner forewarned
      > us to expect during these times: Increasing attacks.
      > The recent
      > "strange" mailings received as well as this one are
      > to be expected and
      > I'm not bothered in the least, other than feeling a
      > deep sense of
      > compassion for those who are "blind" in word, action
      > and deed. There is
      > no way whatsoever anyone or anything could ever
      > diminish my deep study
      > of Anthroposophy and the same is very true for so
      > many others of us.
      > Everywhere we see such depravity as the below, but
      > we all realize it
      > exists and is part of that which hopefully shall one
      > day be redeemed.
      > Blessings to All,
      > Sheila
      > Abbie wrote:
      > >My lesbian friend has two guy friends. We all met
      > in a motel and watched cartoons and drank
      > margaritas.
      > >
      > >Once we got settled in, I watched her strip naked
      > and then run to the ice machine. She never came
      > back, so I did them both.
      > >I really wanted more ice.
      > >
      > >http://Fight.at/MyElectricPanties
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