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Re: [steiner] Organic thinking

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... *******Welcome to the list, Zsuzsanna. Don t be worried about your English, as we have many members here who do not speak English well--- including
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2003
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      zsuzsanna.nagy@... writes:
      Dear Group,
      My name is Zsuzsanna Nagy, I'm hungarian. Sorry for my english, I'm still
      learning this language - it's not easy...:( I read the works of Dr. Steiner
      since a couple of years.
      Steiner brought a new way of thinking: to think with our heart. I don't
      really understand what is this organic thinking, could you tell me more
      about? As much I know, it's based on the etheric heart, it's organic, not
      linear, living, but: how do I do it?
      Thank you for your answer,
      Zsuzsanna Nagy

      *******Welcome to the list, Zsuzsanna. Don't be worried about your English, as we have many members here who do not speak English well--- including "English-speaking people"! ;->   (And what's our excuse, hmmmm?)

         A week ago, I quoted Steiner from his book Theosophy about an elementary teaching of spiritual science, the difference between the unliving and the living. This also explains the difference between unliving and living thinking. The mineral, like a crystal for instance, is unliving, has only physical forces forming it. Its form is rigid and unchanging. Rigid definitions, as found typically in modern science these days, are like the unliving Crystal.

          Living things, on the other hand, are constantly growing and changing their forms. Picture a plant when its shoot has just emerged from the seed, then again when it is fully grown with stalk and leaves, then again when it is flowering and putting forth seed and fruit. In each case, its form will be different. No one form IS the plant. It constantly changes, but if you watch over time you will see how each form is a metamorphosis of the previous one.

         Similarly, the ideas of spiritual science such as we are studying here cannot be understood by rigid definitions, but rather, each time you revisit the ideas, the need to rethink them, re-experience them--- because you yourself are not the same as you were before, and your understanding and experience of them will therefore be different as you grow and metamorphose. This is what the dead, rigid forms of physical science leave out, your actual human experience of yourself and how you grow and change over time. Your ideas should also, but what we call science today tries to prevent this, to leave out everything human.

          Since about the sixth century B.C., most of us human beings have had the use of only the physical brain to think with, and this can only give us unliving thinking. Since 1879-1899, the start of this new age, the etheric brain, whose forces build the physical brain, has become active again. Thinking with the etheric brain is living thinking.

         So, that's one way to approach it. When we take up the ideas of spiritual science, we find that rigidly defining them does not enable us to really grasp them, but rather we wind up with something that is a dead copy of it. Only when we let them work and grow inside of us, transforming themselves over time, do we start to experience the realities behind these ideas that they point to.

      Dr. Starman
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