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Re: [steiner] Reflections against the devil

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    coschiera@libero.it writes: ... *******Well, my friend, perhaps this is a useful opportunity to characterize the difference between traditional Christianity
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 30, 2003
      coschiera@... writes:

      My name is Lorenzo Crescini  and I'm Italian. These "Flashes on Good
      and evil" reflect the same mood characterizing the Flashes on the
      Holy Gospels and Turin's Holy Shroud I wrote in Africa: making myself
      useful to our Lord Jesus Christ.
      Of course there will be those who will accuse me of "spamming". Such
      an accusation does not surprise me as it comes from the spiritual
      force of evil. As a matter of fact, how can one  accuse of "spamming"
      one who makes Apology to the name of Christ and not to his, leaving
      the reader free to read or not to read what's written in them?
      I will start by quoting the best Prayer to Jesus I've ever read.
      At the very beginning some reflections concern the devil one.
      I thank all those who will read me, write to me, will ask for an
      explanation and those who will be able and willing to advertise what
      they read by Web, the press or however they like....

      *******Well, my friend, perhaps this is a useful opportunity to characterize the difference between traditional Christianity and spiritual science.  We also are Christians, because we know that the Akashic records confirm the life, death and resurrection of Christ.  However, we know this directly, we don't merely believe it. Mere belief and dogma do not advance the soul in our age. This is because merely believing in the pictures and descriptions handed down to you does not engage the mind, so that you cannot understand what you try to believe. In what sense "God" exists, what "evil" is, the connection of these two ideas with fate and free will, etc.--- these are the things we human beings are meant to wrestle through to an understanding of in our time. Merely going back to blind faith in the Christian dogma of the Piscean age is not good enough for modern-day people--- and in fact most frequently is harmful, like any religious fundamentalism. (The central truths of the New Age brought to light again after centuries of concealment, reincarnation and Karma, of course, were also left out of the formulation of this old dogma.)

         On the Spiritual Path, sooner or later we meet up with the Christ. It is a source of sorrow to anthroposophists when other Christians who have an experience of the Christ cannot understand us and in fact regard us as enemies. But the reason for this we understand: spiritual science is designed to give the mind the tools it needs to not merely have but to UNDERSTAND the Christ-Experience, to integrate its effect on the feelings and will with the conscious mind. Lacking this, Christians are unable to fully express it and be the channel for the healing work of the Christ that Dr. Steiner was.

         Therefore, although you may regard us as 'evil' for not accepting your spam (which I have seen on a number of lists this week), I am unsubscribing you as I doubt very much you would get anything from the discussions on this list. In fact, I doubt you will even read this response, as it's been my experience that people who think they already know everything seldom listen to others. But this list is not for one-way "communication", it's for discussion of the new knowledge that leads men to the Christ.

      Dr. Starman
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