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Re: [steiner] Wal Mart Special

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  • LilOleMissy
    Dear Group, Mathew, I was happy to see your statement of living in a 10 foot camper since I joyfully reviewed a kaleidoscope condensed from many years of
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 10, 2003
      Dear Group,

      Mathew, I was happy to see your statement of living in a 10 foot
      camper since I joyfully reviewed a kaleidoscope condensed from many
      years of camping here and there with 2 growing children and a huge
      dog! What wonderful scenes of domesticity took place as I beat
      laundry on river stones, in buckets or ocean tides while all of us
      bathed and lived with enormous initiative, gratitude and wonderous
      discoveries so close to the Goddess Natura Herself. The Art of
      Cooking under stones and ground while listening to those sounds only
      wild places grace us with were blessings for both children as well
      as myself. Would that every being share in such marvels! Julie, and
      All, it seems to me Wal-Mart customers exhibit essentially the same
      "behavior" as is to be seen in other commercial enclosures, be they
      I. Magnum, Sears, Gucci and on and on, but perhaps the seeming
      "shrinking" of the world itself into a commonality of purpose of
      sorts as though poised into a "waiting game" of some kind might be a
      factor. Here in California there seems to exist a diversity of
      humanity perhaps not always observed universally - I have neither
      the wisdom nor the knowledge to discriminate too many of the finer
      points, and for quite some years I seem to have mentally visualized
      what I can only coin as a "lemming" mode of collective
      behavior/action dispersed seemingly evenly among mankind but with
      beautifully hopeful exceptions here and there. May we find and
      maintain these hopeful exceptions for ourselves and share them with



      I only go into Wal-Mart about once a year because it
      gives me the creeps. There is something about all
      those people mindlessly putting their products into
      their carts. Half the time they don't even look at
      what they are buying. It makes me think of parasites
      consuming mindlessly without thinking of the

      Have Fun,


      --- Mathew Morrell <tma4cbt@...> wrote:
      > Dear Group,
      > I had somewhat of a revelation while visiting
      > Wal-Mart last weekend.
      > It wasn't a spiritual revelation, mind you. It was
      > the kind of
      > revelation that comes from watching people rummage
      > through Corn-Nuts
      > or dodging old ladies moping down the aisle in time
      > to make the Blue
      > Light special. It was a Twilight Zone revelation,
      > an overwhelming
      > feeling of strangness. The Wal-Mark customer look
      > so odd! And by
      > odd I mean mentally ill. A look of derrangment
      > seems to hover in the
      > air, mixed with the smell of body odor and cleaning
      > solution, and the
      > incense from the wax in the candle department.
      > Nowhere else do I
      > feel such a strong impression of insanity, except,
      > maybe, at other
      > urban discount stores like Wal Mart. Money, I
      > think, has nothing to
      > do with it, either. I used to be poor myself, I
      > used to live in a
      > ten foot camper, but I at least showered, I washed
      > my hair, I used
      > deoderant, I kept my body in fair condition, kept a
      > head above the
      > poverty, and my hero back then was Saint Francis.
      > The Wal-Mark type
      > we're seeing manifest in contemporary society are
      > really starting to
      > decline spiritually beneath the average human,
      > beneath the ability of
      > basic grooming habits. Many of them ---not all---
      > seem depressed,
      > hung over, dirty, decadent, obese.
      > The prices are good, though. I bought an espresso
      > machine, then went
      > home and made a decaff latte. They're to die for.
      > Mathew Morrell
      > http://kcpost.net/

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