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Re: [steiner] Evocation of the Sun

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    rlloyd@direcpc.com writes: ... ******* Think you for that Ode to the Sun, Brother Ron----for those who don t know how appropriate that is, this week was St.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2003
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      rlloyd@... writes:

                Light, beyond brightness in roots of color,
               Dark, below shadow, past holes in heaven,
               Midnight coming towards praise and candles;
               The fiery arm bursts out to embrace you,
               Grows flaming mountains, arches the void,
               Engulfs planets with fanatic ferocity
               Of fire, explodes royal glory forever.

               Turn in whirling pools of flame, then fall.
               Drop past the point where measured terms
               Like white, like heat, like absolute have meaning.

               Feel the massive energies consume and draw
               You inwards, past the crazy boundary of choice
               Until physics fails and freedom burns like lava.

               There perhaps your cold spot will fuse eternally
               With greatest warmth, with infinite mass; burst,
               Lifting upwards too much joy to break;
               And fling down on Earth a flood of power
               To drown our tiny messages with God truth,
               To announce the yet raging love that erupts
               Towards our sphere but lets us spin our orbits.

      ******* Think you for that Ode to the Sun, Brother Ron----for those who don't know how appropriate that is, this week was St. John's Day or Midsummer's Day, the most powerful time of the Sun here in the Northern Hemisphere. The cycle of the year can be the object of a meditative exercise in itself, and this is what lay behind all the traditional church calendars and holy days. One simple way of approaching it is that we human beings are most awake in Winter, while the earth sleeps----and the reverse is true in summer, as the earth awakens but we human beings are reduced to a sort of waking dream state (truly a 'midsummer night's dream'). We surrender to the solar revelation pictured by Pentecost, in which we give ourselves up to the inflowing of any higher spirit. This is truly the time of the revelation of the sun, of inspiration and heavenly knowledge. The summer lightning and the lightning bugs (which appeared here as if by clockwork on St. John's Day) are the working of what Steiner called the Sulfur force of the old alchemical Trinity of Salt, Sulfur and Mercury, and we feel that all around in this fire time of the year.

      Dr. Starman
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