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Re: [steiner] Good Friday

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  • LilOleMissy
    This is wisdom, Br. Ron. Thank you. Sheila ... From: Br. Ron To: Friends Sent: Friday, April 18, 2003 5:34 AM Subject: [steiner] Good Friday While it leads to
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      This is wisdom, Br. Ron. Thank you.
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      From: Br. Ron
      Sent: Friday, April 18, 2003 5:34 AM
      Subject: [steiner] Good Friday

      While it leads to merciful Joy, the Truth is hard.

      The Truth hurts.

      In fact it's the ONLY thing that hurts here. (Illusion doesn't
      hurt...nor does it's primal device, Denial)

      Denial is more prevalent than most people know.
      It is the narcotic food for many of us these days.
      ... easily seen in utopians and others too terrified to look
      The Inner Dweller square in the face and accept that suffering
      is all part of this process.
      Nor can we change our minds. We have already chosen and
      recognize this process as being bigger than our own choice,

      Denial is the mechanism of saccharine coating.... the parent
      of the belief system of NON belief constructed to leave out the
      variable of our own compressed terror.

      Denial is what will keep some from finishing this letter.

      Remember when Peter tried to talk Jesus out of being
      crucified and Jesus told him "Get behind me Satan?

      It isn't Ahriman but Lucifer who seeks to blind us to
      the profound requirements of the Blood Sacrifice.

      There is more than just a superficial message in the Event
      at Golgotha. It is a Mystery, for sure...but not one
      wholly hidden from courageous eyes.

      "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani."

      It's extremely hard to experience Christ Consciousness
      during these times of global crucifixion...these are the
      times when "the Spirit shall depart from the hearts of men."
      Yet, it is the necessary precursor. Even Jesus felt forsaken
      by The Presence when hanging at Golgotha.

      As The Redeemer knew, we may run from this temporarily,
      but sooner or later we must face and equalize with our own
      shadowy Doppelganger...either in this life or in post incarnate

      Freedom after all, comes from facing our terror, not denying it.

      Such is a meaning of Good Friday

      This knowledge is what makes it easier for monks to fast, pray,
      stay on their knees for days at a time and even and even set
      themselves aflame. They know that suffering is the crucible
      which holds the diamond that is grasped only AFTER the
      bitter cup is drunk.

      Today, our crucifixion is war. Few could possibly be happy about
      war. War is evil. Yet there are worse evils that can flower if not
      courageously weeded from the Garden of Life.

      To those enmeshed in the anti-war movement, read your Bible.
      If you are too sensitized to that then try reading of the
      Battle of Kurukshetra in the Gita....or Hexagram 7 in the I-Ching.
      Read ANY of the world scriptures which seem so 'obsolete' to 
      modern, tender sensibilities.

      Read and understand that NOTHING of value can ever be
      acquired except through blood, consciously shed....
      This is true of all the paths that lead to Freedom;
      the violence of the birth process, the agonies of death,
      David bringing down Goliath, circumcision or......
      The Crucifixion itself.

      In this upside down world, it is this knowledge that is the
      Body and Blood of the Redeemer. It is in essence, part of
      what the Redeemer is!

      Golgotha is the last ritual at the Wedding of Pleasure and Pain ...
      It is the refiner's fire of the Holy Grail which brings with it the
      Heartgasm innate in the Mystical Experience in the crucible
      of the Solar Plexus.

      Arise PARZIVAL! Drink deeply of the Grail and glimpse the
      meaning of Holy and Knightly Chivalry. Learn the meaning of
      King Arthur's "Might for Right" which is the right use of the
      Blood Sacrifice....that terrible Joy which comes from being
      committed to something larger than one's own comfortable
      world view.

      Yes these are violent times....the Good Friday of this generation.
      Yet, the Eastern horizon is starting to glow.
      Br. Ron
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