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Re: [steiner] Holy Week as A Meditation

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  • Br. Ron
    From Starman: Holy Week as A Meditation *******Today, Palm Sunday, is the day of remembrance for the entry of the Christ into Jerusalem, the sacred city, for
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 14, 2003
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      From Starman:
      Holy Week as A Meditation

      *******Today, Palm Sunday, is the day of remembrance for the entry of the
      Christ into Jerusalem, the sacred city, for the first time after three years
      of his ministry. 
         A teaching from out of Anthroposophy is that the events of holy week
      correspond to the planets that rules the days of the week. They're not
      clearly described as being on one day after another in the Gospels,
      and the order of events is a little different in each one.
      Thanks Starman.
      This quite closely corresponds to the Ascending Lightening Strike
      in the Qabalistic Tree of Life. 

         The Days of Holy Week are:
      Sunday-Sun. On this day , in the gospel of Mark, he prophesies one
      of his disciples will find an ass for him to ride into the city, and he then
      inspects the Temple, then returns to the Mount of Olives for the night.
      The primal initiation and recognition for the Ascending Journey and the
      spurs the departure from earthy Malkuth up into the Lunar sphere, Yesod.

      Monday- Moon. This begins with the cursing of the fig tree,
      symbolic of the old religion of the Jews which no longer
      produced the fruit that men need (the fig tree was an
      ancient symbol of initiation}.   Moon=heredity, group souls
      Departure from the animalistic group consciousness from Yesod
      into Netzach (Victory) celebrating the initial impulses of individuality

      Tuesday- Mars. The Savior makes a rope of cords and drives
      the money changers from the temple, the only act of violence
      by Christ recorded in the New Testament, showing the place
      for righteous anger in the world.   Mars=war.
      From the first impulses of inner victory in Netzach
      the Prodigal Son traverses the Tree to the Severity Pillar
      and unsheathes the Sword in HOD, the Mother of Discernment.
      "I come not to bring peace, but a sword"

      Wednesday-Mercury. Then begins his many explanations of
      Scripture in the temple, the questionings by the Pharisees and
      Sadducees, the parables of the two sons, the parable of the
      vineyard, the parable of the wedding feast and the garment.
      the questions about marriage and the afterlife.
      By the end of this time, none of the Pharisees dare ask
      Him questions anymore.  Wednesday=communication.
      Having been gifted with Divine Discernment, the Traveler ascends to
      Tiphareth and communicates the newly defined Truth in the Temple of
      Then moves on to Chesed to rest in the abode of the Heavenly Father

      Thursday-Jupiter. Then comes his warnings about false
      religion and the hypocrisy of the Pharisees, his praise
      of the widow's mite,
      His warning to beware of the scribes, and His Prophecy of
      the destruction of the Temple-- the parable of the talents, the parable
      of the wise and foolish virgins, of the sheep and the goats--
      and his telling of his second coming when the signs show
      the time is ripe, as the fig tree shows that summer is nigh.
      Then He's anointed for his death. Jupiter=wisdom
      The Qabala has one more move into Severity at this juncture not
      separately deciphered in the commonly accepted sequence Holy Week...
      This is the traversal from Chesed over to Geburah where the 'lower' blood
      sacrifice is made. (the origin of circumcision perhaps)
      Some scholars believe this aspect is a part of the Bible
      that is missing and/or yet to be added to the record of the
      Holy Sequence.

       Thursday (Maundy Thursday in old England) is the day that the
      Last Supper happens, after sunset (actually the eve of Friday,
      as the Day starts at sunset).
      This is the final Earthly union in Chokmah. The highest point of
      the Father...the ecstatic vision before the movement through the
      birth canal and the final Blood Sacrifice in Binah...the Holy Queen

      Friday-Venus. Then the Redeemer hung on the cross the three
      hours from noon until 3 PM on Friday, Good Friday. "Greater Love hath no man..."
      The agony of Mother Love in Binah. The final departure of Her Essence
      into Kether, the great Liberated I AM from the bonds of Mother (Matter)

         {Many anthroposophists observe silence during those three hours on Friday.}

      And rightly so, it seem to me.
      Thanks again,  Starman
      Br. Ron

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    • Lutz Baar
      Attached a painting from 1968 on the subject. Greetings, Lutz
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        Attached a painting from 1968 on the subject.
        Greetings, Lutz
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