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Re: [steiner] Calendar of the Soul, Week 52

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... *******Glad to hear you re actually working with them. It s a question that must come up whenever someone does, because the verses are keyed to Easter. Dr.
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 24, 2003
      social_artist@... writes:
      Dear Dr. Starman-
      I'm curious now to see how we work through the next
      couple of weeks before Easter.  Are we to continue on
      this verse until then?
      Thank you-

      *******Glad to hear you're actually working with them. It's a question that must come up whenever someone does, because the verses are keyed to Easter.

          Dr. Steiner referred often to the fact that the date of Easter is not 'regular' like the dead mineral-physical world, but is created by the interaction of the rhythms of the Sun and Moon, in other words is an astral and etheric phenomenon. As such, it can sometimes be about a full month after the vernal equinox (as it is this year), and other times only a day or two after it-- -- -- so that sometimes not a full 52 weeks elapse between one Easter and the next, while in other years it can be up to 56 weeks. This year, the week of the 52nd verse ends on March 29th, while we don't take up the Easter verse until April 20th.

          I've heard that some people have adopted an 'Ahrimanic' method of dealing with this, namely by dividing the time from one Easter to another by 52-- -- -- but then we would not be dealing with an actual 'week' (which is a cosmic time period, old name the 'woch'), nor be taking up a new verse on the Sun's day.

          In observing Time through the years, I've found that for instance there is a truth to traditional common people's observations such as the old proverb from the middle ages that when there is a late Easter, there is a late spring (it certainly is late in coming here in Virginia Beach!). The years are different from each other, when you don't homogenize them like by using the above-mentioned method. We are now entering a period of three weeks in which the previous year has ended, while the new year has not yet begun. During this time I have continued to use the 52nd verse in past years. There is also a correspondence between the 52nd verse and the first one we will take up at Easter (April 20th), so I was thinking about presenting both of those here as reflective of the mood of this time of this special solar-lunar 'year'. This is the time when we receive a renewed etheric body for the coming year, by the soul connecting with the cosmos. It is a very special time, and was always treated so by Christians.

      Dr. Starman
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