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Re: [steiner] it's all about 'anti-capitalism'

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    sarahwh@tpgi.com.au writes: ... ********We re taught in anthroposophy about a being Steiner called Ahriman who deceives us into thinking things are so that
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 20, 2003
      sarahwh@... writes:

      Dear Starman and others; I came across an article that asked this question;
      "Why is the thought of an innocent Iraqi, unintentionally killed or maimed by allied bombs, so much more unacceptable than the thought of thousands of innocent Iraqis tortured and killed by Saddam?"
      Another article pointed out that millions of people are marching against a possible tragedy from war, but they were not marching against all the atrocities caused by Hussein. I suggest that THEREFORE, their campaigne is ideological (ie anti-capitalist) and not based on a genuine desire to halt human suffering!
      During the weekend protest marches, the 'anti-war' leftists were carrying banners saying 'it's all about oil'. I'd like to get a counter protest march going with a banner 'it's all about anti-capitalism'.
      I don't know what you think, Dr Starman, but I'm starting to wonder if the greatest danger to our free world is perhaps not from the moslem extremists or Bush, but from the far Left and their anti capitalist myths based on superficial morality, fuelled by the whole anti war campaigne? If they gain too much power then we could stagnate, or even devolve...
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      ********We're taught in anthroposophy about a being Steiner called Ahriman who deceives us into thinking things are so that aren't so. There are many forms of this deception. But nothing could be worse than to identify one group of people or another as victims of it, as some people want to use anthroposophy for. The Ahrimanic deception isn't oil companies and their workers taking oil out of the ground, it's the spiritual trance that all human beings are being kept in that keeps us seeing only the material, such as the economic, as being real, as in Marxism, naturalism, socialism, Darwinism, modern medicine and the materialist paradigm. It's far more complex than simple-minded political slogans of whatever type.

         I'd say the root of all the dangerous trends in mankind is the same: believing only the material is real and refusing to see anything higher. Seeing Man as an animal, consciousness as only the material brain, a living baby as only a blob of tissue, living creatures as only aDNA program to be rewritten at will, human society as a machine to be "run" as one dictates---these are all caused by the same paradigm, in whatever country or political party.

         Political discussions I think can generate much heat but little light.

      Dr. Starman
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