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Hollow induction

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  • william sidis
    Exploring Dynamic Relationships I walked on shallow waters Searching for a deep well spring I walked on shallow waters Awaiting wisdom distant waves would
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2003
      Exploring Dynamic Relationships

      I walked on shallow waters
      Searching for a deep well spring
      I walked on shallow waters
      Awaiting wisdom distant waves would bring

      I walked on shallow waters

      ...And my feet were left thirsty

      At thirst I fought
      And dry I died
      Eyes open wide

      At first I thought
      That I'd survive
      But but peered inside
      to find
      my mind

      My gaping soul must be united!

      United with what?
      Who is this seperate I?
      Can one see One's eye?
      What happens when one I peers into another?
      What happens when one eye pours into another?

      This is how it happened to me:

      It's laundry day and I find something in my pocket I
      don't remember putting there. Crumpled and dirty, it
      could be anything, A phone number maybe? A wadded up
      flyer perhaps? an errant piece of litter rescued while
      I was in a benevolent mood? Unfurling the battered
      blue leaflet, I read this:

      "You are invited"

      At the bottom there is a time and address.
      That's all.
      Where did it come from?
      What is it for?
      Is it a scam?
      Or something more?

      For a moment I consider going just to see what it's
      about. I could leave if it's a tupperware party or
      something in that vein... But what if it's a
      psychopath luring victims to his home? I shudder with
      apprehension. That's ridiculous! It certainly isn't
      likely anyway. It's funny how my mind will conjure up
      fear from the slightest uncertainty.

      Still... it is a little strange.

      Folding my laundry, I realize my palms are sweating.
      The more I think about it, the more certain I am that
      I did not pick up that piece of paper. Someone MUST
      have placed it into my pocket. Where was I when I was
      wearing these pants? How did it get there without me

      Hmm... maybe I did pick it up. I did go to a couple
      of parties recently, anyone could have handed it to me
      while I was distracted and most likely I stuffed it
      into the pocket myself. Maybe. The more I think about
      the cause of something, the more possibilities I find.

      I start feeling a little angry. Why isn't there more
      information!? Does whoever-it-is really expect people
      to come to whatever function they are planning without
      at least some kind of idea of what is going to happen?
      It's so stupid! It's also a little mean to take
      advantage of people's curiosity like this. In a way
      I've already been tricked into thinking about it!
      Well! I won't give them the satisfaction!

      I toss the beaten scrap into the laundry waste
      basket. In a hypnotic blaze of passionate splendor,
      dozens of angry images flash through my mind. I think
      about pouring gasoline in the can and tossing a match
      in, gleefully destroying this hideous window of
      disorganized uncertainty!

      But If I were to destroy this invitation, would not
      my uncertainty continue? Would I not return again, and
      again to this moment and wonder what it was that I had
      destroyed? DAMN THEM!

      I will have to go.

      If someone tries to sell me something, I will kick
      them in the teeth.

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