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Re: [steiner] Doing The 12 Holy Nights' Study

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  • LilOleMiss
    Dr. Starman, I don t think we had a lack of success during these Holy Nights. For me, it s quality rather than quantity, and I believe we can feel enough depth
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 6, 2003
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      Dr. Starman, I don't think we had a lack of success during these Holy Nights. For me, it's quality rather than quantity, and I believe we can feel enough depth from what was offered. Sometimes the thought comes to me far too many other influences come to bear just when we have planned to do particular things, and today was a good example of such a happening. One of my neighbors, a young girl temporarily living nearby for University studies, is from Rodina - I don't know when I've felt so joyful as when I greeted her today by asking how her Rodina (Russian) family is on this Holy Day. Such surprise is seldom seen on a young lovely face such as she's blessed with, and a dawning realization that this American woman realized the importance of January 6. I had been called to spend time with a young boy who had been shot last week, since he likes the way I sit and tell fairy tales. One thought led to another - how I offered only one writing for us and it was on the smallest lecture of all we had. Instead of mailing in another, my time was instead given to a small boy, a lonely elderly lady, a hungry family and the young Russian girl. What did I bring them, if anything, I wondered? I feel a lightness within my heart as the gifts they handed on to me, and while mulling over *Christianity as Mystical Fact* I wondered which was more giving? I don't know, but events handled that rather than what I would have chosen to do consciously. I think all of us can look deeply within our souls and find gifts to others, often not even recognized, but we are so often led in a right way without realizing it. Your knowledge so kindly and lovingly shared with all of us is far more precious than repeating in summation what all of us are reading anyway. I treasure what you so willingly and freely give to all of us, but it's only now that I realize what gifts you so carefully hand to us whether we deserve it or not - it's as the rain and sun falls on all the plant kingdom regardless. This gift of your's is rare and to be treasured, and the small "thank you" isn't quite so small after all! Thank you, Dr. Starman!
      Love in Christ,

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      Dear All,

      I had been away more than my due, so sorry not to have been able to participate this year.

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      *******Well, the twelve nights are now over, and this online study wasn't very successful this year. I guess we should have started talking about it and seeing if people wanted to participate earlier, and I'll try to do so next year. Perhaps we can continue to just discuss what's in the book for awhile even now that the 12 Nights are over. Thanks to all of you who participated.

      Dr. Starman
      Epiphany 2003

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