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Jesus and His Historical Background

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  • LilOleMiss
    Jesus and His Historical Background To begin with, mankind was introduced in a right way to the reality of the Spiritual Worlds, Beings and Spirituality,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2003
      Jesus and His Historical Background
          To begin with, mankind was introduced in a right way to the reality of the Spiritual Worlds, Beings and Spirituality, through artificial means in the Mystery Schools, but it became necessary for the Spirit of Christianity to be incorporated into the world for mankind through what had grown out of the ancient Mystery Schools. Initially this transition, so to say, was begun long before Christianity through the Sects of the Palestinian based Essenes and the Egyptian based Therapeutae, both of which carefully and continuously screened and elicited from those found worthy a natural way of life for inducing the conquest of the aspirants' lower human nature so that the spirit latent within the soul might be awakened more and more through an inner and natural process toward Christianity. Philo's *On the Contemplative Life* describes in a clear way much of what was involved in the Therapeutae Sect, clearly illustrating that what had in an earlier time been striven after in a more narrow circle in the ancient Mystery schools, was being made universal. Thus these two Sects, the Essenes and the Therapeutic communities formed a natural transition, or bridge, from the Mystery Schools to Christianity.
          Christianity, however, wiahed to spread out to humanity in general what was only limited to Sects and earlier, to the ancient Mystery Schools. Christianity was to reach all of mankind, rather than this spiritual knowledge being held imprisoned within the bounderies of the Mystery Schools, and then next within the boundaries of a Sect or Sects, and finally being released to mankind in general. It seems as though as mankind's evolution grew, Spiritual knowledge also spread, first beyond the boundaries of the Mystery Schools to the Sects, and then from the boundaries of the Sects to mankind as a whole so that it was available to all.
          In time another important step was taken by mankind in that human individuality could rise ever higher to see perfection through repeated earth lives as well as the ability of some to recognize that in Jesus a lofty being of high Spirituality had appeared. Therefore the individuality of Jesus could become capable of accomplishing the deed which occurred at the Baptism by John, an event of the utmost importance. The personality of Jesus became able to receive the Christ into its own soul, the LOGOS Who was made flesh in that soul.
          During the time of the Mystery Schools, union with the Spirit, the mystical union, was restricted to the individuals to be initiated; next, in the Sects, of the Essenes, a whole community lived so all its members could reach the mystical union. However, in the coming of Christ, His deeds were placed before the whole of humanity to share in the mystical union!

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