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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... *******Well---- so much for the Christmas spirit! It s quite rude to disrupt the list in the midst of our study this way. I m certainly in favor of your
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2003
      info@... writes:
      *******That's not a very good representation of what just happened: it makes me wonder if you are a member of the Society. For those who are not, what he's referring to is that.....

      Bad luck for me, Dr Starman. During all my presence on this list I managed two or tree times having you addressed me by my name. Now it is back to "what he is referring to..." almost like a KGB agent or something to be aware of. I regard this list the best for "newcomers" to get a basic look at anthroposophy, where one will get a guiding answer (mostly by you) to questions on every level. That's a good thing, and that's the reason why even I try to contribute to it. But along with the content - can't we have a friendly way of meeting each other as well, not just the newcomers?
      And yes, I have been a member since 1982.
      I will switch to "read-only-mode" and follow our further readings on the "Christianity" book. 

      *******Well---- so much for the Christmas spirit!  It's quite rude to disrupt the list in the midst of our study this way. I'm certainly in favor of your just reading, rather than this sort of participation.

          As for me being criticized for explaining to the 80 other people here about an obscure Society matter you referred to, so they could understand what on earth we were talking about when I responded to it, I can only say this is a very strange criticism. Speaking to the 80 other people is the equivalent of making you 'sound like a KGB agent'? And it's "unfriendly" to perform my duties as moderator?

          Quite clearly not. So it seems much more likely that you must have been one of the people wanting to make a big deal of that legal Society business about which you posted, and are now being quarrelsome because the Society's answered all that definitively. But your previous post was quite a misrepresentation of the meeting that just happened---which all we members have gotten notice after notice about---so when you made it out to be something done in an underhanded way, I could only wonder whether you were not a member. Now it's clear: you saw all the notifications but didn't go to the meeting.

         Well, sorry you didn't get whatever you wanted in that matter, and don't feel people here have paid enough attention to you, as your strange post indicates. Hope you'll get over it. Good luck in the New Year.

      Dr. Starman
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