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  • LilOleMiss
    Lutz, your contributions are so great for those of us who simply have not had sufficient time to contribute. I don t wish anyone to think I m whining, since
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2003
      Lutz, your contributions are so great for those of us who simply
      have not had sufficient time to contribute. I don't wish anyone to
      think I'm whining, since I'm not - just stating karmic facts: my
      husband has cancer and after a bout with pneumonia last March, I'm
      just hanging in here trying to absorb what I can in the limited
      time available to me. Those are the karmic facts, but it's
      soooooooo refreshing to compare your's and others' thoughts on
      this work we're studying - I can come upstairs here after reading
      "Christianity as Mys. Fact" and find out all the many points I've
      missed, in spite of my having read this same work a zillion times.
      It seems to me Steiner said more than once this one little book
      contains all of Anthroposophy. Well, yes, in a highly condensed
      form for me, but I deeply appreciate and benefit from the exchange
      on this list, which as you say IS the best for "newcomers," but
      I've discovered it's the best for long time Anthros as well. :) I
      should have let you know before this what your writings mean to me
      and surely to others, and even after 40+ years of studying, I
      continue to miss sooooooo much. When you feel a wish to be a "read
      only" member, please think of those such as I am who gain
      tremendously from your work.

      Love and Blessings,


      Lutz Baar wrote:
      > *******That's not a very good representation of what just happened: it
      > makes me wonder if you are a member of the Society. For those who are
      > not, what he's referring to is that.....
      > Bad luck for me, Dr Starman. During all my presence on this list I
      > managed two or tree times having you addressed me by my name. Now it is
      > back to "what he is referring to..." almost like a KGB agent or
      > something to be aware of. I regard this list the best for "newcomers" to
      > get a basic look at anthroposophy, where one will get a guiding answer
      > (mostly by you) to questions on every level. That's a good thing, and
      > that's the reason why even I try to contribute to it. But along with the
      > content - can't we have a friendly way of meeting each other as well,
      > not just the newcomers?
      > And yes, I have been a member since 1982.
      > I will switch to "read-only-mode" and follow our further readings on the
      > "Christianity" book.
      > Lutz
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