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Re: [steiner] Luke's Gospel

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  • LilOleMiss
    sarahfe@v21mail.co.uk writes: I just wanted to share with you the profound experience I have had this Christmas. I have been reading Steiner s Lectures on
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 30, 2002
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      sarahfe@... writes:
      I just wanted to share with you the profound experience I have had this
      Christmas. I have been reading Steiner's Lectures on Luke's Gospel (and
      getting a bit behind on our study book I'm afraid). The basic message of
      Faith being an overspilling of love from our hearts, and the description of
      the Christ Principal - well all of it really - has completely rejuvenated my
      spiritual life! It has enabled me to link the simple enthusiasm and Faith of
      my childhood with the intellectualism of the time I spent studying Theology
      and my later spirituality. I can only say I read parts of it with tears of
      joy and relief streaming down my face (much to my husband's amazement
      "You're reading a book by Rudolf Steiner and you have tears streaming down
      your face!!").
      I can only say it has transformed my experience of Christmas and hopefully
      my life!!
      Sarah FE

      *******I've known many people who will regard Anthroposophy as unfeeling, too head oriented; but Dr. Steiner was very clear that, one cannot cause another person to have feeling by being all emotional in front of them, but rather the opposite -- -- -- you present things clearly with the mind, and then the reader must cause feeling to arise in him- or herself. What you are experiencing is perfectly normal; it should happen to everyone who is able to let these feelings arise in response to what they are reading. In fact, I went through it many years ago with this very book we are studying for the Twelve Holy Nights.

         This book, Christianity As Mystical Fact, starts out with many chapters that seem to have nothing to do with Christianity, being all about ancient religions and ancient initiation. This has been a particular study of mine, so I always find these interesting, but don't worry if they haven't caught your interest. We're just now getting to the chapters about Jesus and the Christ.

      Dr. Starman

      Post to steiner@egroups.com

      Dr. Starman and All - it seems to me Steiner mentioned more than once that "Christianity as Mystical Fact" contains all of Anthroposophy. The more I understand this work, the more I "see" how this is so. I'm very glad to be studying it again - it was a great choice for us.
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