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  • jackstrange11
    Dear List, May I suggest that we work with Foundation Stone Mantra in our attempt to u= nderstand the POP? Since understanding our thinking is essential to
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      Dear List,
      May I suggest that we work with Foundation Stone Mantra in our attempt to u=
      nderstand the POP? Since understanding our thinking is essential to practica=
      l work with the POP, we can take the content of the Mantra as the object of =
      our thought and attempt to communicate how our thinking and inner perception=
      react to these world-creating thoughts.

      If we think about the Mantra, then the inner thought of RS is the object of=
      our thinking.For example in the phrase "Where, in the power of World-creato=
      r-Beings,Thy Self takes origin from Self Divineâ€"" my thinking seems to imm=
      ediately and briefly unite with Steiner's direct knowledge of our creation, =
      but my subsequent observation of that process yields abstract pictures and f=
      orms. I sense that my thinking is most alive exactly at the time when my co=
      ncept meets the percept and my subsequent attempts at analysis are more dead=
      and abstact. I feel that the process of concept meeting percept cannot be t=
      hought about until after the meeting occurs, but the later thinking is but a=
      shadow of the original thinking

      It is very difficult to describe thinking. I would be very interested if o=
      thers shared observations of their own thought processes. Then we would have=
      the fruit of experience and empirical data that may enliven our reading of =
      the POP. If we decide to study it, I would rather see some attempt to put i=
      t into action as opposed to summary and synopsis or at least as a supplement=
      to summary and synopsis.

      --- In steiner@y..., DRStarman2001@a... wrote:
      > *******Sheila posted this on another list for Spiritual Science and I tho=
      > the group would like to see it here.
      > For those who don't know, the Foundation Stone is a long mediattive
      > mantra given out by Steiner to unite all members of the Society by its us=
      > when he re-founded the Society in 1923.
      > -starman
      > On the 25th of December, 1923, there took place in Dornach the layin=
      g of
      > the Foundation Stone of the General Anthroposophical Society. Rudolf Stei=
      > had sent an invitation to all members of the Anthroposophical Society to =
      > to Dornach to work out, together, a form for the society suitable to the =

      > needs of the Anthroposophical Movement.
      > In place of ordinary statutes for the newly-founded General Society, =

      > there was presented, item by item, to the members (for their acceptance o=
      > the suggestion of alternatives) a description of what might be accomplish=
      > by people in a purely human life-association as an Anthroposophical Socie=
      > The ground in which the Foundation Stone was laid was laid was the hearts=
      > souls of the personalities joined in the Anthroposophical Society. The
      > Foundation Stone itself was to be the moral force welling up from the
      > anthroposophical conduct of life. This moral force (attitude-Gesinnung)
      > develops by means of self-deepening and soul-discipline on the way to
      > awareness of the spirit and to life in accordance with the
      > spirit.Anthroposophy is the path to the true man. Believing in the good w=
      > of those who, supported by love of truth, will follow this path and relyi=
      > upon their serious purpose to educate themselves, by means of spiritual
      > training, to live in Truth, to feel the Truth, to think the Truth. Rudolf=

      > Steiner fashioned in mantric form the following Foundation Stone of a Gen=
      > Anthroposophical Society, and entrusted it to the hearts and souls of the=

      > seven to eight hundred people who came together in response to his call f=
      > this Christmas Conference in Dornach.
      > I
      > Soul of Man!
      > Thou livest in the limbs
      > Which bear thee through the Space-expanses
      > Into the ocean of Spirit-Being.
      > In depths of soul,
      > Where, in the power of World-creator-Beings,
      > Thy Self takes origin from Self Divineâ€"
      > And thou shalt live in Truth
      > In Human-Cosmic Being!
      > For the Father Spirit of the Heights doth reign
      > In the Depths of the world, begetting Being.
      > Ye Spirits of Strength!
      > Let from the Heights ring forth
      > What in the Depths its echo doth find,
      > It speaks:
      > From the Divine springeth mankind.
      > Spirit Beings hear it in East, West, North, South;
      > May human beings hear it!
      > II
      > Soul of Man!
      > Thou livest in the pulse of heart and lungs,
      > Which leads thee through the rhythm of Time
      > Into the feeling of thine own soul being.
      > Within Soul’s even balance,
      > Where the world-evolving deeds upsurging
      > Unite thy very Self with Cosmic Selfhoodâ€"
      > And thou shalt feel the Truth
      > In human Soul-Endeavor!
      > For the Christ-Will encircling doth reign
      > In the rhythms of the world, blessing Souls.
      > Ye Spirits of Light!
      > Let from the East be enkindled
      > What in the West taketh form,
      > It speaks:
      > In Christ death becomes life.
      > Spirit Beings hear it in East, West, North, South;
      > May human beings hear it!
      > III
      > Soul of Man!
      > Thou livest in the resting head,
      > Which from eternal sources
      > Unlocks world thoughts to thee.
      > Practice SPIRIT AWARENESS
      > In stillness of thought,
      > Where eternal aims divine grant Cosmic Being’s Light
      > To the very Self, to use as it wills
      > And thou shalt think the Truth
      > In depths of human Spirit.
      > For the Spirit’s Cosmic Thoughts do reign
      > In Cosmic Being, Light imploring.
      > Ye Spirits of Soul!
      > Let prayers arise from the Depths
      > Which in the Heights will be heard,
      > It speaks:
      > In the Spirit’s Cosmic Thoughts the soul awakens.
      > Spirit Beings hear it in East, West, North, South;
      > May human beings hear it! 
      > These three stanzas give expression to the strongest imaginable chall=
      > to the human soul, a challenge to human beings who have prepared themselv=
      > or who have the will to prepare themselves by study and practice of the
      > truths of spiritual science and by their own soul-deepening, to travel th=
      > path which leads to awareness of the spirit and to life in accord with th=
      > spirit. A forceful call could come only out of confidence in this good wi=
      > and Rudolf Steiner gave it new enthusiasm by the directing power of the
      > Foundation Stone Mantram which would affect the hearts and souls of all t=
      > present in Dornach either in person or in spirit. This mantram, united wi=
      > will, borne by the love of truth, forms the living foundation for an
      > association of people who intend to take as their task the nurture of the=

      > Spirit-Being Anthropos Sophia. Cosmic forces rest as living substance in =

      > these words; they can still unfold their creative activity today in anyon=
      > who conceives them within his own soul and relives them over and over aga=
      > They can become the Foundation Stone upon which he may build, if he dedic=
      > his will to the furthering and development of the General Anthroposophica=
      > Society for the sake of the progress of human evolution.Anthroposophy is =
      > path to the true man, and in the three stanzas of the Foundation Stone
      > mantram a way to true living, true feeling and true thinking has been
      > presented for all who wish to tread this path: especially for those who, =

      > through soul discipline, have already produced within themselves the
      > essential preparatory conditions.
      > Forty-five years ago, in reply to the question "How does one acquire =

      > Knowledge of the Higher Worlds?" Rudolf Steiner described the soul facult=
      > which anyone must gain who wishes to attain to knowledge of the higher
      > worlds. The methods by which these faculties can develop are given in det=
      > in the description that later appeared in book form (Knowledge of the Hig=
      > Worlds and Its Attainment). Seven years after the publication of the book=
      > instruction, there appeared, as amplification of it, "A Road to
      > Self-Knowledge" in eight meditations. In this latter book in which the na=
      > of meditation is minutely described, Rudolf Steiner answers the further
      > question, "What is Man in the true sense of the Word?" Replying to this
      > question, he described what a soul can experience when it surrenders itse=
      > to the spirit in meditation; and contents for meditation necessary for th=
      > strengthening of the soul-forces are given step by step.
      > Twelve years after the appearance of this description of a soul-journe=
      > Rudolf Steiner pointed out by the words of the Foundation Stone mantram, =
      > way of spiritual training, the way to awareness of the spirit and to life=
      > harmony with the spirit. It is the way to the true man, to freedom. Nearl=
      > twenty years after the first of the numerous editions of Knowledge of the=

      > Higher Worlds and Its Attainment, and about thirty years after the
      > publication of Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, Rudolf Steiner was justi=
      > in the belief that he would find in the Anthroposophical Society
      > personalities who, following an inner impulse, in freedom, were able to t=
      > the path of spiritual training. With confidence in the people who had
      > practiced, or were ready to practice, the methods described in Knowledge =
      > the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment, the Foundation Stone mantram gives =

      > directions for the further path, which leads, without a personal guide, b=
      > methodical practice of Spirit-Recollection, Spirit-Contemplation and
      > Spirit-Awareness, to the true man.
      > With the forming and laying of this Foundation Stone, Rudolf Steiner
      > revived the challenge of the ancient Mysteries, which resounds in these s=
      > zas for the inner ear: Know Thou Thyself. He can become conscious of his =
      > spirit-origin and his spiritual goal. Thus he is first led to realize how=
      > he is removed from his spirit-origin and his spirit goal. This means that=
      > is called directly before the Guardian of the Threshold. If he heeds this=

      > call, then from the experience of standing before the Guardian of the
      > Threshold he learns how far he has progressed on the road to the true man=
      , or
      > how far he still is from this goal.
      > He who allows the appeal that resounds so powerfully in this triad of =

      > verses, to take effect in his soul, will first of all ask himself: How ca=
      n I
      > practice Spirit-Recollection, Spirit-Contemplation and Spirit-Awareness? =
      > seeking an answer we must have a clear understanding of what is meant by =

      > Spirit-Recollection, Spirit-Contemplation and Spirit-Awareness, and this =

      > leads to the further questions: What is recollection? What is contemplati=
      > What is awareness? Recollection is the faculty by which experiences can b=
      > brought to mind that have made an impression at some previous time and ha=
      > had a fully conscious, or even half-conscious effect upon the soul. The
      > impulse to such remembrance may come from an outer impression, but the
      > possibility of its coming may be brought about by one’s own will. This =
      > develops when one ponders upon some past eventâ€"that is, when one concen=
      > his inner senses upon it. Experiences which reappear in man’s conscious=
      > either from an outer cause or through reflection, are like memory-picture=
      > shadowy pictures, inwardly perceptible. They have neither the vitality no=
      > the significance for man which they had as present experiences, but the
      > vitality and the force they had at the time remains as formative force, a=
      > continues to have an effect upon his practical knowledge and his abilitie=
      > In the practical knowledge and abilities of man, lives the formative forc=
      e of
      > his experiences. The experiences themselves are transformed shadowy pictu=
      > which can be brought to mind as recollections.
      > The quality and the power of his experiences shape man’s essential b=
      > At each moment of his life he is the result of the formative forces of hi=
      > experiences; and his deeds in the world are determined at each moment of =
      > life by the result of these formative forces.
      > The events of the outer world come to man without his conscious
      > participation; but if he wishes to have spiritual experience, he must see=
      > the spirit. Such experience can be attained in the life between birth and=

      > death by means of spiritual training. Relying upon those who seek the spi=
      > Rudolf Steiner prepared the path of knowledge which would lead the spirit=
      > in man to the spiritual in the Universe. The words of the Foundation Ston=
      > mantram were given to those who seriously intend to follow the path to th=
      > true man.
      > When daily we bring to life within us the words of the Foundation Sto=
      > mantram, and when we allow them to work upon our soul, we shall be able t=
      > feel in these words the question, the entreaty directed to each of us. Do=
      > wish to live in truth? Do you wish to feel the truth? Do you wish to thin=
      > the truth? Thenâ€"practice Spirit-Recollection, practice Spirit-Contempla=
      > practice Spirit-Awareness, that good may be what we from our hearts would=

      > found and from our heads direct with single purpose. And we would found a=
      > association of people to educate themselves for true living, true feeling=
      > true thinking, in order to sustain the Spirit-Being. Anthropos-Sophia, wi=
      > ourselves and in our midst. And the question becomes ever more urgent, mo=
      > intense: How can I practice Spirit-Recollection, Spirit-Contemplation,
      > Spirit-Awareness?
      > If we have studied Anthroposophy then we bear within us what enables u=
      s to
      > practice Spirit-Recollection, Spirit-Contemplation, Spirit-Awareness. Eve=
      > word that Rudolf Steiner spoke to us, every word that he wrote in his boo=
      > has flowed from his own spirit-experience, and from his love-sustained wi=
      > to prepare for the Spirit-Being, Anthropos-Sophia the way into the presen=
      > epoch of civilization. Such love-sustained words of truth, have the power=
      > bring about spirit-experience in us also, if we receive them in our inner=
      > being. Spiritual experiences retain their life and power and continue to =
      > within the human soul as formative force. Just as by contemplation, that =
      > by concentration of the inner senses, one can bring to mind past events, =
      > does spirit-contemplation make possible the recalling of words of truth t=
      > have flowed from spirit-experience.
      > In the first lines of each of the three stanzas of the Foundation Ston=
      > mantram, Rudolf Steiner links his own spirit-experience to wisdom that is=

      > sleeping deep in our innermost being but lost to the consciousness of
      > present-day man, the knowledge of man as a threefold entity. "Soul of Man=
      > Thou livest in the pulse of heart and lungs, which leads thee through the=

      > rhythm of Time into the feeling of thine own soul being….Soul of Man! T=
      > livest in the resting Head, which from eternal sources unlocks world thou=
      > to thee." In the next lines follows the challenge to intensify by meditat=
      > this knowledge that has been lifted into the consciousness: "Practice
      > Spirit-Recollection in depths of soul….Practice Spirit-Awareness, in
      > stillness of thought." These words are based on Rudolf Steiner’s confid=
      > in those members of the Society who know the nature of meditation and who=
      , by
      > means of soul-discipline as described in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds a=
      > Its Attainment have prepared within themselves the conditions which lead =
      > spiritual experience.
      > When the soul-forces, thinking, feeling and willing are purified and
      > strengthened by methodical practice, they combine in a threefold unity, a=
      > in this unity they are a spirit-sustaining power in which the ego can lay=

      > hold of itself and live and act consciously, without external stimulus, b=
      > the strength of its own conceptual life.
      > Spirit-Recollection is first, the activity of the Ego when it conceiv=
      es a
      > truth-bearing word within its innermost being. Spirit-Contemplation is a =

      > devotional concentration of the inner senses upon the truth, now resting =
      > the depths of the soul. Borne in soul’s even balance, the Ego is in a s=
      > of greatest passivity and at the same time in a state of intense activity=
      > The whole human being is, in this state of consciousness, a receptive inn=
      > organ, completely surrendered to the world of truth. His may be called th=
      > state of consciousness of the threshold. It may lead to the conscious or =

      > unconscious crossing of the threshold to the spiritual world. If, as may =

      > easily happen, the meditator cannot stay awake, this state of selfless
      > spiritual preparedness in arrested thinking will pass over into a state o=
      > sleep, in other words, it will lead to an unconscious crossing of the
      > threshold. But if he can stay awake in this passive, but spiritually prep=
      > state in arrested thinking, he can be led to spiritual awareness.
      > The truth is endowed with a life of its own; its creative power
      > strengthens and invigorates the soul forces and the invigorated soul forc=
      > metamorphose into instruments of spiritual activity and organs or
      > supersensible conception. Spirit-Recollection, Spirit-Contemplation and
      > Spirit-Awareness are the activities practiced in meditation. Rudolf Stein=
      > speaks of these activities often in his books; and in A Road to
      > Self-Knowledge he describes minutely this inner process. For meditation h=
      > indicates subjects taken from treasures of spiritual science best suited =
      > lead most surely to the goal.
      > In contemplative-reflection, we may try to bring to mind a past event,=
      > it is not within our power to set the time when such a memory-picture wil=
      > appear. It very often comes only when we are no longer thinking of it at =
      > In the same way we can only try, in soul-balance to give the Spirit of Tr=
      > stillness, space and time for the unfolding of its activity, but we canno=
      t br
      > ing about this activity, we can only wait for it with inner calm and in
      > spirit-preparedness. It is merely a question of time when and to what ext=
      > a truth, thus woven into our being will reveal itself to inner vision. If=
      > are determined to tread untiringly the path to true living, true feeling =
      > true thinking, if we practice methodically with unlimited patience, provi=
      > in our souls stillness, space and time for the Spirit of Truth, then it w=
      > unfold its life enkindling creative power and will arise before our inner=

      > vision. This is the meeting with the Spirit-Being, Anthropos-Sophia; and =
      > this meeting and the blending of our whole being with this Spirit-Being, =
      > experiences the essence, the actuality of Grace.
      > The three activities of meditation are indicated in the challenge:
      > Practice Spirit-Recollection in depths of Soul….Practice Spirit-Awarene=
      ss in
      > stillness of thought. In these three stanzas we find the very urgent summ=
      > to meditate. Do they also contain subjects for meditation? The first line=
      s of
      > each stanza recall to the soul the forgotten knowledge of its relation to=

      > body, soul and spirit, and also to space, time and eternity. Now a challe=
      > to meditate follows and in brief mantric-form is given the subject for
      > meditation: "Thy Self takes origin from Self Divine."
      > The corresponding place in the second stanza is of extraordinary
      > significance. When the knowledge of our own spiritual origin awakens it l=
      > to the overwhelming realization of our present remoteness from it. The
      > student would lose courage to proceed on this path if no possibility appe=
      > for a re-union with the spiritual in the Universe. At this point in the
      > second stanza is indicated the way in which the human ego can reunite wit=
      > the Cosmic Ego by harmonizing his soul-forces. "Practice Spirit-Contempla=
      > within soul’s even balance, where the world-evolving deeds upsurging un=
      > thy very Self with Cosmic Selfhood."
      > In corresponding words in the third stanza we are given a promise:
      > "Practice Spirit-Awareness in stillness of thought, where eternal aims di=
      > grant Cosmic Being’s Light to the very Self, to use as it wills." The f=
      > deed of man, expressed in his effort to make possible re-union with the
      > Cosmic Egoâ€"this free deed springing from love of truth, is recognized a=
      > accepted by the Spirit-World in granting Cosmic Being’s light to the ve=
      > Self, for use as it wills.
      > Thus in the first pasts of the stanzas of the Foundation Stone mantra=
      > are given two subjects for meditation. The first of these may arise as hu=
      > self-knowledge. The second subject is based on an ancient Rosicrucian man=
      > known for hundreds of years to students of the Spirit who surrendered
      > themselves to the mystery-training of the Rosicrucians: Ex deo nascimurâ€=
      > Christo morimur….Per spiritum sanctum reviviscimus. In response to the =
      > of our present civilisation, these words have brought out from deepest
      > secrecy and have been given to the public; "Thy Self takes origin from Se=
      > Divine," the translation of Ex deo nascimur, has been changed from the pl=
      > form to the singular and given in the Foundation Stone mantram as subject=
      > meditation. Rudolf Steiner was confident tht those who meditate these wor=
      > will meditate the following words of the Rosicrucian mantran too and that=
      > contemplation the student might find himself guided to a re-union with th=
      > Spiritual in the Universe. Meeting and blending his own being with the
      > Spirit-Being Anthropos-Sophia, the student may realise the awakening of h=
      > soul "Per spiritum sanctun reviviscimus."
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