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Re: [steiner] Re: re:to experience thinking

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... *******I don t know why you perceive things that aren t there, but first, I really don t have any idea what point you re trying to make; second, no one is
    Message 1 of 20 , Oct 24, 2002
      info@... writes:
      >>> I believe that you very well know where I am trying to go 'with all that', because I already explained it in my limited english. Otherwise you wouldn't choose to make my last letter look 'silly'. What I do not understand is why you find it neccessary
      to build up such a 'hostile' athmosphere, like finding it a "mistake to answer" to a contribution on this list??

      *******I don't know why you perceive things that aren't there, but first, I really don't have any idea what point you're trying to make;  second, no one is trying to make you look silly;  and third, I don't perceive any hostility here. If you want to assert your understanding of the PoF, you have every opportunity to do so to the group. I didn't want to continue this personal exchange about it because whatever you're so intense about might not have interested the list, and also because, as I'm now saying for the 4th time, there's no point in picking up a piece of the Philosophie der Freiheit and discussing it separate from the book as a whole. If the list would like to take it up, you'll have the time to say all you want to.

      Dr. Starman

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