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Giant undersea triangular structures near the Bahamas

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    More evidence of a civilization having done earthworks on a massive scale which are now on the sea floor. Underwater Terraformed Cyclopean Triangles, Bahamas,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2002
      More evidence of a civilization having done earthworks on a massive scale which are now on the sea floor.

      Underwater Terraformed Cyclopean Triangles, Bahamas, Berry Islands by Satellite Discoveries 
      The Berry Island area can be seen on the map to the left, highlighted in the red area. The Berry Islands consist of approximately 12 square miles of surface area to the North of Andros Island. Recently an incredible find has been made via satellite imagery of what appears to be an enormous terraformed triangular area under the water off of the Berry Islands. This triangular feature appears to have been artificially created, due to it's unnatural shape. View the images below of this incredible feature. Could this be evidence for a lost civilization?
      The images below were taken from the USGS online database. The triangle area is outlined in red. The triangular feature is estimated to be 24 miles on it's longest side and over 13 miles long on the shorter side. Is this striking triangular feature evidence of terraforming on a cyclopean megalithic scale? What was the purpose of this triangular depressed area? Theories include a gigantic reservoir or artificial lake area, or an agricultural purpose. It is assumed that this area was above water in the past due to the fact that creating such a terraformed earthwork underwater would be an incredible undertaking. Yet the creation of this feature above ground would also be an incredible achievement.

      The image to the left was acquired by NASA and shows the Northern Andros Island with the Berry Islands to the North and the triangular feature highlighted in red. After viewing many images of the area surrounding the Berry Islands it became apparent that the sand below the water surface shifts sometimes dramatically from year to year. The 3 images below were taken in 1992 and, due to shifting sands, reveal a series of triangular depressions in the shallow water to the West of the Berry and Andros islands. Image A is the original NASA image. Image B has been slightly enhanced to bring out the darker depressions. Image C contains color applied to the triangular features. The yellow triangles show depressions that are twice as large as the Berry Island triangular feature seen in red. The area within the red circle may be an artificial construct but analysis of numerous images of the same region have yielded inconclusive proof due to the yearly shifting sand.

      In addition to triangular depression features off the North West coast of the Andros Island there is also evidence for these large triangles directly to the North of the Andros Island. The NASA image below is taken at a slight angle which causes the scale of the triangular features to be difficult to determine. The Andros Island can be seen to the South with the Berry Islands to the North East of the image. Image A below is the original image. Image B has been slightly enhanced to reveal the partially hidden triangles. Image C exposes the triangles to the North of the Andros Island in yellow while the triangle of the Berry Islands is shown in red.The scale of these triangles is cyclopean. What could have been the purpose of these triangular terraformed features?

      What period in time could the Bahamas region have been above water for the creation of such cyclopean earthworks? Scientific evidence has revealed that areas of the Atlantic Ridge were above the surface around 10,000-12,000 years ago:

      "In 1948, a Swedish expedition, working at the Atlantic Ridge 500 miles from the coast of Africa, excavated core samples from a depth of almost two miles. The collections contained over sixty species of freshwater algae. Tests of the algae indicate the last above-water period of the region was 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Since 1948, scientists have extracted many similar core samples containing shells of freshwater animals from deep in the Atlantic Ocean at the Atlantic Ridge and the Azores Plateau. (1)"

      The highest elevation point on the Bahamas Islands is Mount Alvernia on Cat Island which is 60m above sea level. The elevation of the Atlantic Ridge ranges from 1500m to over 3000m below sea level. If parts of the Atlantic Ridge were above the surface 10,000 years ago, then it is highly likely that the Bahamas triangular features were also above sea level at some point in the distant past.

      Why have these triangles remained undiscovered for so long? The immense scale of the triangular features seems to have hidden them for many years from view due to the fact that we live in the microcosmic realm of these macroscopic constructs. It becomes apparent the only sufficient way to see these features fully is from high altitude vantage points. This notion begs the questions, were these features meant to be seen from the air and what purpose did they serve?Could these features be evidence for a highly advanced technological culture that existed over 10,000 years ago? Satellite Discoveries plans to unveil more features in the Bahamas region that appear to point to an advanced ancient culture, quite possibly a portion of the Lost Civilization of Atlantis.

      1. Andrews, "Atlantis Insights From a Lost Civilization", p22.

      This area was specified in the Cayce Readings as one in which evidences of Atlantis would be found.

      Dr. Starman


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