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Re: [steiner] New file uploaded to steiner- ST. FRANCIS

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    *******Apologies for this going out late; the purpose in uploading that file you all got a notice about was to remember St. Francis of Assisi on his Saint s
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2002
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      *******Apologies for this going out late; the purpose in uploading that file
      you all got a notice about was to remember St. Francis of Assisi on his
      Saint's day, yesterday, October 4th (the day he died). Unfortunately
      circumstances delayed me from writing to you all yesterday to explain this. I
      hope you all looked at the prayer of St. Francis there-- -- -- here is
      another famous one.

      O Most High, Almighty Good Lord God, to Thee belong praise, glory, honor
      and all blessing.
      Praised be my Lord God, with all His creatures, and especially our brother
      the Sun, who brings us the day and who brings us the light: fair is he, and
      he shines with a very great splendor.
      O Lord he signifies to us thee!
      Praised be my Lord for our sister the Moon, and for the Stars, the which
      he has set clear and lovely in the heaven.
      Praised be my Lord for our brother the wind, and for air and clouds, calms
      and all weather, by which thou upholdest life and all creatures.
      Praised be my Lord for our sister water, who is very serviceable to us,
      and humble and precious and clean.
      Praised be my Lord for our brother fire, through whom Thou givest us light
      in the darkness; and he is bright and pleasant and very mighty and strong.
      Praised be my Lord for our mother the earth, the which doth sustain us and
      keep us, and bringeth forth divers fruits and flowers of many colors, and
      Francis of Assisi

      Attached to this post it is a copy of a page from the original Calendar
      of the Soul, which will show you how Steiner intended it to be used: there's
      the image of the constellation which the sun is in for the whole month (and
      each one has a symbolic meaning to be meditated on), then each day has the
      image of the sign that the moon is in that night, along with saints and other
      spiritual individualities associated with each day for us to meditate on.
      Then there was a mantra to use each week. It's all astrological and was meant
      to be used to deepen the experience of the seasons-- -- -- to make Time into
      a meditative exercise.

      As you can see by looking at any book about the Calendar of the Soul
      nowadays, all it has is the 52 mantras. All the astrology has been taken out,
      and without all that, in my experience, anthroposophists just recite those
      mantras (at the start of a meeting, for instance) without being able to
      understand a single line of them. But if they're worked with, they are a
      spiritual Path in themselves, one that particular personalities (namely the
      phlegmatic or Watery temperament) will find the best one.

      What Frankie's been posting is that, right about this time that Steiner
      created these fifty-two mantras, in 1912, he was working with artists in
      speech and movement and the building of the society's headquarters and the
      creation of his "Mystery Plays", and out of this came the art of Eurythmy,
      which makes what lived inside a poet or musician when he created a poem or
      piece of music visible in movement on stage. Steiner had created the mantras
      out of spiritual experience, and he was able to give out the Eurythmy forms
      for all 52 of them, along with indications about the use of color to make
      them spiritually visible by the use of costuming and stage lighting.

      The Calendar was created to replace the old church calendar, and to
      provide us with something that we can carry with us to be used anytime,
      anyplace. Perhaps someday we can once again publish it in a little book form
      that we anthroposophists could use as a year-book, like the many appointment
      books that have pictures and sayings for each week of the year. In the
      meantime we have this Internet version circulating each week. As I find time,
      I'm going to try to post things relating to the personalities mentioned for
      each week. Perhaps others might find some people of interest on the lists.
      For instance October 6th is the old feast day of the Patriarchs, Abraham,
      Isaac and Jacob; October 15 is Nietzsche's birthday, and October 18 is the
      old day of St. Luke.

      Dr. Starman

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